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Four good reasons to do your MBA at HEC Montréal

"It was exceptional preparation for tackling new issues and challenges."

Émilie L. Cayer, MBA, President and CEO – Fondation du Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Are you looking to reorient your career by building on your management skills? Aiming for a senior position with your current employer? Many recruitment experts agree that this pandemic is actually an excellent opportunity to prepare yourself. And here’s why the HEC Montréal MBA would be your best choice.


Stand out in a competitive market

More than ever, organizations are facing complex issues. They’re seeking accomplished professionals possessing wide-ranging management skills and an overall vision that lets them understand and solve problems in the business world. Are you that rare gem? The HEC Montréal MBA program, based on a highly practical approach to management, will give you a chance to discover and display your exceptional skills.

Vanessa Alarie

"My MBA was a springboard that let me take on senior responsibilities and make a real contribution to creating value in the company. I gained recognized and sought-after skills, particularly in business intelligence and digital intelligence, two rapidly expanding fields I wanted to work in."

Vanessa Alarie, MBA, Industrial Partnerships Advisor – IVADO

Recognized by employers for its practical approach

Consulting mandates in the field, support for entrepreneurial projects, work on real-life cases: these are the main reasons recruiters choose our graduates. The HEC Montréal MBA has true value in their eyes.

Our MBA students put what they have learned into practice right away. They are already part of the HEC Montréal ecosystem, and know how to work with senior managers and entrepreneurs who shape the business world and Montréal’s economic life. As part of the CDL-Montréal incubator, many of them have had the opportunity, unique in Quebec, to advise technological startups in artificial intelligence.

Kasper Pater

"I worked really hard on my consulting project, and it earned me a management position with Novisto. They could see that I was ready to take on all kinds of responsibility, that I have keen strategic sense and good overall vision – all skills that I developed while doing my MBA and that will be very useful for this fast-growing business."

Kasper Pater, MBA, Director, Business Development – Novisto

Explore and discover your leadership abilities

The HEC Montréal MBA program trains high-calibre, ambitious professionals. Some are seeking greater responsibility, others want to hone their leadership skills or master tools to help them reach their entrepreneurial goals. All of them make the most of this rare opportunity to make valuable contacts. Through assignments and collaboration as a multidisciplinary team, they explore and enhance their soft skills: communication, negotiation, problem solving and more.

François Huynh

"My MBA gave me a chance to think about the kind of career I really wanted. I worked closely with interesting people and benefited from their varied experience. For instance, thanks to the HEC Montréal Consulting Club, I collaborated for a term with consultants from one of the world’s leading firms and got a better understanding of that profession."

François Huynh, MBA, Consultant – McKinsey & Company

Helping you reach your dream job

The HEC Montréal MBA is designed as a lever for your professional development, with specific courses devoted to this aspect at the start and end of the program. A career management advisor also offers personalized service: drawing up a strategy, workshops on job-search tools and techniques, and preparation for recruitment.

But more than that, the whole HEC Montréal community extends a helping hand to our students, through networking activities with alumni or potential employers. Every year, the School organizes a recruitment event called Carrefour MBA, bringing together graduating students and representatives of various firms.

Mehdi Saher

"The MBA program offers all kinds of networking activities: chances to talk with potential employers, but also young professionals from different backgrounds, with inspiring career paths. It helped me understand where I fit into the labour market and clearly define what I wanted as a career."

Mehdi Saher, MBA, Manager – Home Advisor Team, BMO Financial Group

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