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"Meet a GERAD Researcher!" Seminar

On the difference of energies of a graph and its complement graph

Wednesday November 27, 2019 from 15:30 to 16:30

Seyed Ahmad Mojallal – HEC Montréal, Canada

It is a well-known result that any regular graph with three distinct eigenvalues is strongly regular and nonregular graphs with three distinct eigenvalues are partially characterized. In this talk we present some results about nonregular graphs with three distinct eigenvalues. In particular we present a conjecture about maximum number of distinct degrees of such graphs. Finally we give several results in this direction.

Presented by the GERAD.

Coffee and biscuits will be offered at the beginning of the seminar.
Welcome to everyone!

Venue: Université de Montréal, André-Aisenstadt Building, Room 4488

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