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Launch of a New fundraising appeal: “The Power to Make a Difference for the Leaders of Tomorrow”

February 6, 2024

Today marks the official kickoff of the HEC Montréal Foundation’s 2024 fundraising appeal known as “The Power to Make a Difference for the Leaders of Tomorrow.” The entire HEC Montréal community is urged to step up and show their support for budding business professionals as they prepare to face the challenges of a changing marketplace and a changing world.

The HEC Montréal Foundation is committed to helping put the right conditions in place for emerging leaders who will be driving our social and economic development forward in the years to come. This fundraising appeal has been designed specifically to support these future-oriented efforts.

The campaign will focus on how this next generation of business professionals will shape and transform the world we will live in. Giving them access to scholarships, a high-quality education, leading-edge research programs and a unique academic experience today will inevitably benefit the whole of society tomorrow.

By equipping and empowering these up-and-coming decision-makers to succeed, we will make sure they have what it takes to discover and implement game-changing solutions to the increasingly complex, multifaceted and urgent issues we will be called upon to deal with moving forward. Support HEC Montréal in helping shape the leaders we need in a world where the only constant is change.

The Power to Make a Difference for Roman
and the future of organizations

Exemplifying excellence in its purest form, Roman Zabel is projecting himself into the future — far into the future! And along the way, he intends to empower businesses to ascend to new heights:

“My goal is to help public and private organizations save time and money, whether they are just starting out or are already well established. Optimization is my thing! I am passionate about — you could even say obsessed with — internal processes, digital systems and change management. I have honed my skills during internships with several municipal agencies and startups, and I plan to eventually do my PhD to develop unique expertise in managing transformations. I was awarded an academic scholarship, which energized me during my BBA. I am counting on donors’ generosity to keep supporting me in the future so I can become an expert who brings about meaningful change.”

In a constantly changing world, we need leaders like Roman.

Bilingual BBA, HEC Montréal

The Power to Make a Difference for Malcom
and entrepreneurship, a creator of value

To say that Malcom-Mitch Joseph thinks outside the box is an understatement! This future serial entrepreneur has received not one, but three scholarships from HEC Montréal, in recognition of his leadership and other qualities.

“The Foundation is ENTIRELY to thank for letting me continue my studies at a turning point in my life, when I was juggling different projects, school, work, marriage and a new baby. And I’m very grateful, because my head is bursting with ideas for my own future and the future of Quebec. I picture myself starting out in an organization to learn the ropes, but I have at least 15 ideas for new businesses. I want to look beyond the numbers and have a genuine impact on people. I think it’s time for some of the smaller players in Quebec — SMEs, non-profits and creators of cultural products — to think big and branch out to global markets. I hope to support and galvanize them as they do, with innovative technology solutions that are both profitable and sustainable.”

For an innovative society, we need leaders like Malcom-Mitch.

Certificate (Cumulative Bachelor’s) in Business Analytics, HEC Montréal

The Power to Make a Difference for Nesrine
and a sustainable society

Nesrine Benhadj is ambitious, politically active and innovation-minded, particularly when it comes to helping others.

“I like to describe myself as a facilitator and innovator for the entire student community. Getting cutting-edge projects up and running to support academic success, international experiences and motherhood-school-work balance and, ultimately, to ensure a better future for younger generations are major drivers for me. After studying microbiology, international trade and now entrepreneurship and business creation at the certificate level, I have developed a flair for solving complex problems and breaking new ground. To bridge my (many!) interests, I plan to get involved in the fight against climate change. I have received two scholarships from the HEC Montréal Foundation and have had the opportunity to take part in “Campus Abroad,” which provides a gateway to the world. It changed my life!”

In a changing economy, we need leaders like Nesrine.

Certificate (Cumulative Bachelor’s) in Entrepreneurship and Business Creation, HEC Montréal

The Power to Make a Difference for Ludovic
and the energy transition

Poised and self-assured, Ludovic Lizé has his sights firmly set on the future and is determined to build a better world.

“I already have a number of green initiatives under my belt, most of which came about while I was chair of Enactus HEC Montréal, which uses business world principles to spark environmental and social change. One of these initiatives was the P6 project, which recycles polystyrene into bean bags. Professionally, my goal is to spearhead transformative environmental projects, because I believe they are the key to a brighter future. There are needs everywhere, and the time to act is now! As a three-time scholarship recipient at HEC Montréal, I have built up my confidence and used this to move forward with initiatives that have made me the agent of change I now am.”

On a planet that is heating up, we need leaders like Ludovic.

BBA, HEC Montréal

The Power to Make a Difference for Pauline
and a culture of inclusion 

Pauline Gabriëls puts people first. Her kindness is matched only by her ability to rally others to a cause. It should come as no surprise then that she is a leadership scholarship winner at HEC Montréal.

“I am actively involved in lots of initiatives at university, particularly associations and university competitions. Who knows what life holds next! I strive to make well-being and inclusion central to any endeavour I undertake. The journey and the experience along the way are more important than the destination itself. I see myself working around the world, making connections between people everywhere. I came to study in Quebec, and specifically at HEC Montréal, because I was looking for a place where I felt like I belonged and where I could excel. I intend to bring this mindset with me wherever I go. I feel strongly that high-performance, productive environments are ones where openness and inclusion are made a priority.”

Against the backdrop of globalization, we need leaders like Pauline.

Bilingual BBA, HEC Montréal
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