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100th member inducted into the club des 100

March 31, 2022

The Club des 100 was created in 2014 by a group of young HEC Montréal alumni who wanted to do something concrete to support up-and-coming business professionals. We’re happy to announce that a special milestone was reached in March when the Club welcomed its 100th member.

The Club des 100 brings together successful early-career executives and entrepreneurs 45 and under who share a commitment to supporting the students following in their footsteps. This is accomplished through scholarships, presented on the Club’s behalf or bearing an individual donor’s name. In so doing, they are serving as role models and mentors for the next generation.

Congratulations to Catherine Groulx (HEC Montréal 2013), the 100th member of the Club des 100! The Club has now officially achieved the goal it originally set for itself: to get 100 philanthropic young alumni to join before the opening of the new Hélène Desmarais Building in the downtown business district.

Michel Patry, Chief Executive Officer of the HEC Montréal Foundation, is very proud to see the Club hit the 100-member mark, and do so before the Hélène Desmarais Building opens.

We are thrilled to welcome our 100th young philanthropist to the fold! It’s always impressive and inspiring to see how engaged our young alumni are and to watch as they give back to the community that helped kickstart their own careers. Their investment will ensure students have access to the best possible academic experience during their time at HEC Montréal.

The members of the Club des 100 are united in their belief in the power of higher education as a driver of economic and social development. And they are determined to contribute to helping HEC Montréal maintain its reputation as a top business school that grooms world-class managers.

Members who are so inclined are invited to take part in special networking breakfasts to share their respective expertise and deepen their relationship with their alma mater. Each breakfast revolves around a specific topic of interest and is an unrivalled opportunity to keep up existing connections and forge new ones — right here at HEC Montréal!

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