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Réseau HEC Montréal Becomes Alumni HEC Montréal

June 14, 2016




The HEC Montréal alumni association’s mission is to build and maintain ties between former students and their alma mater.

To further reinforce this sense of pride and belonging, we have updated our name effective June 14, 2016. From here on in, we will be known as Alumni HEC Montréal.

We hope this identity will indeed make you even prouder to be an HEC Montréal graduate and we encourage the entire community to use and promote this new name.

For your edification

Alumni is a plural noun that refers to a group of graduates from a school. The singular forms are alumnus (male) and alumna (female). The term is accepted in both French and English.

Be sure to check back on Thursday, August 25, when we reveal our program for 2016–2017!

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