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SAP Certification for B.B.A. and M.Sc. students


General information:

Candidates will receive more detailed information during the prerequisite courses for the certification.


Only full-time students enrolled in degree programs are eligible.

The training is given entirely in English by an accredited SAP trainer.

Students who complete the training and pass the exam will be granted MySAP ERP-Fundamentals & integration of Business Process Certification.


Annual certification held : 

To come up May-June 2019



At HEC Montréal

To be eligible for this certification, candidates must have completed or be enrolled in the following two courses as part of their B.B.A. program at HEC Montréal:



They must also have completed or be enrolled in one of the following courses as part of their B.B.A. program at HEC Montréal:


M.Sc. students must e-mail Linda Pepin to have their individual Certification program approved (the approval must be attached to the enrolment form).


Learning materiel

Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems


Students enrolled full-time in a B.B.A. or M.Sc. program will be emailed the registration form a few months before the SAP Certification.




Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions


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