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About MacroMontréal

MacroMontreal is a network linking the macroeconomists from the Department of Applied Economics at HEC Montreal, and from the economics departments of the Universite de Montreal, McGill University, UQAM and Concordia University. The objective of MacroMontreal is to host leading economist who can stimulate research and debate in addressing the main open questions in macroeconomics, and provide innovative perspectives on current economic issues.



Montreal Macroeconomics Seminar Schedule


Date Day Speaker Location
9-5-2014 Friday Benjamin Moll UQAM
9-12-2014 Friday Daniel Barczyk Concordia
9-26-2014 Friday Laurence Kotlikoff McGill
10-2-2014 Thursday Tasso Adamopoulos (York) Universite de Montreal
10-3-2014 Friday ENSAI-Concordia Conference Concordia
10-4-2014 Saturday ENSAI-Concordia Conference Concordia
10-16-2014 Thursday Toan Phan Universite de Montreal
10-17-2014 Friday Paco Buera Universite de Montreal 
10-23-2014 Thursday Philippe Aghion UQAM - Joint Seminar
10-24-2014 Friday Vincenzo Quadrini UQAM
10-30-2014 Thursday Alisdair McKay Universite de Montreal
10-31-2014 Friday Loukas Karabarbounis McGill - Joint Seminar
11-4-2014 Tuesday Saroj Bhattarai HEC 
11-7-2014 Friday Vasia Panousi Concordia
11-7-2014 Friday CMSG McMaster University
11-11-2014 Tuesday Karel Mertens HEC
11-14-2014 Friday CIREQ Labor Workshop  
11-15-2014 Saturday CIREQ Labor Workshop  
11-20-2014 Thursday Javier Bianchi Universite de Montreal
11-21-2014 Friday Paul Beaudry HEC -  MacroMontreal
12-4-2014 Thursday Juan Sanchez Universite de Montreal
2-26-2015 Thursday Philipp Schnabl Universite de Montreal
3-13-2015 Friday Francois Langot UQAM
3-20-2015 Friday Diego Restuccia HEC - Joint Seminar
3-25-2015 Wednesday  Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde UQAM
3-27-2015 Friday Fatih Guvenen Universite de Montreal
4-9-2015 Thursday Maria Ripoli Universite de Montreal
4-10-2015 Friday Jordi Gali HEC -  MacroMontreal
4-10-2015 Friday Eric Ghysels UQAM 
4-17-2015 Friday Emmanuel Farhi McGill
4-24-2015 Friday CIREQ Macroeconomics Conference  
4-25-2015 Saturday CIREQ Macroeconomics Conference  
4-30-2015 Thursday Hoyt Bleakley Universite de Montreal
5-8-2015 Friday Lutz Hendricks Concordia - Joint Seminar
5-22-2015 Friday CIREQ Conference on Growth
and Development
5-23-2015 Saturday CIREQ Conference on Growth
and Development



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