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up your business game


Is this the kind of feedback you’d like to be getting from your co-workers, managers, partners and customers?

Do you dream about being able to:

  • Be more persuasive in getting your ideas across to a peer, a higher-up in your organization or an internal/external customer?
  • Answer opponents’ or competitors’ questions or arguments more compellingly?
  • Make your customers so happy with the services they’re getting from you that they automatically think of you for future needs?

Did you know that:

  • Only 50% of your customers’ satisfaction levels comes from technical proficiency?
  • Your expertise may have drawn your customers to you, but it’s not enough to keep them.

50% → 100%!

Tailoring your strategies to meet your customers’ needs, expectations and concerns is the key to making up the difference.


$1,695 + taxes


Two days – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Course given in French

On-site, Downtown
Hélène-Desmarais Building

April 24 , 25, 2024

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Learn tools and strategies to:

  • Be more influential and inspire more confidence
  • Strengthen your credibility
  • Be proactive, even when a customer is on the fence
  • Make your outreach efforts a priority
  • Get your partners’ buy-in
  • Manage sensitive situations
  • Effectively seize promising business opportunities.

Is this for you?

  • Are you regularly called upon to deal with co-workers, managers, customers and/or partners?
  • Are you looking to find out where you fit in your team or have people accept you in your new role?
  • Would you like to gain the trust of your customers and associates?
  • Do you need help salvaging damaged or strained business relationships?

Special features

  • Course and workshops during which you will acquire helpful techniques that can be used to address real-life issues.


Accredited by the Canadian Professional Sales Association as part of Executive Education HEC Montréal’s Certification Programs for Sales Professionals.

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“Incredibly relevant program that shows you how to bring more to your customer relations than simple technical proficiency.”

Dominique Fortier, Client Services Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“An excellent course that will be highly useful.”

Hadia Shbaklo, Program Managerm, CQDM


Paule Marchand
Paule Marchand
Trainer, coach and lecturer, Satellite

Positioning and marketing of ideas

  • Understand the stages involved in developing a business relationship
  • Tools for deciphering the issues at play in a business scenario
  • Grid for analyzing the characteristics of various stakeholders
  • Techniques and tools for moving forward with a business initiative
  • Developing a plan: Choice of attitude, strategy, message and means for taking action
  • Review of your interpersonal and strategic skills

Effective strategy and action 

Adapt your strategy and approach based on key issues and stated objectives

  • Present an idea or a project
  • Sell a professional service in person or in writing
  • Earn visibility and recognition
  • Encourage and guide collaborative efforts
  • Manage sensitive or conflict-ridden situations
  • Anticipate and address questions and objections
  • Conclude service agreements
  • Foster sustainable, lucrative business relationships
  • Measure the effectiveness of interpersonal relations in a business context
  • Business case analysis
  • Situational exercises
  • Self-analysis of initiative-taking skills

Participants in all of our seminars will receive a certificate of completion from Executive Education HEC Montréal.

Ne vous arrêtez plus au rouge!

A copy of the book Ne vous arrêtez plus au rouge! will be distributed to all participants.

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