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International students

This financial assistance program provides subsidies to create part-time jobs on campus. The subsidy covers 100% of students’ wages (hourly rate and fringe benefits).


Eligibility criteria

  • Be a student who is subject to differential tuition fees (students exempt from differential tuition fees are not eligible).
  • Fall and winter terms: be enrolled full-time.
  • Summer term: 
    • be enrolled in at least 6 credits or
    • have studied full-time in the previous winter term and intend to continue studying full-time in the following fall term.
  • Maintain a satisfactory average, depending on the program of studies.


How to apply

  • Obtain a social insurance number (SIN).
  • Apply for a position from a School professor or department for the term of your request.
  • Complete the study/work program form with the employer (available only when competitions are open).
  • Submit your application to Student Services with the supporting documents indicated on the form by the deadline.
  • Student Services will examine your application, the budget available and your eligibility for the program.
  • Student Services will contact you and the employer to inform you of the decision.


Program rules

  • The job must be at the educational institution.
  • The maximum annual salary under this program may not exceed the differential tuition fees paid by the student during the same budgetary year (fall, winter and summer).
  • The workload may not exceed 15 hours per week (exceptions for summer) and 150 hours per term, so as not to interfere with the student’s studies.
  • The wages received through this program are compatible with any form of scholarships, bursaries, grants or other forms of remuneration that the student may receive.

Important dates

  • Summer 2017 : not available
  • Fall 2017 : not available
  • Winter 2018 : not available

Resource person

Joanne Salem
(514) 340-6168

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