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Opening a CCS account for a research project

Upon receiving the notice of award or a research contract duly signed by the grantor and an authorized representative of HEC Montréal, or in the case of the awarding of a research grant by the School, the Research Office initiates a request to open a CCS account for the research project in question.

As soon as the Research Ethics Committee has approved the Declaration of Ethical Responsibility for research projects, duly completed and signed by the grant holder, the research funds are released. An email is forwarded to the researcher to indicate that a CCS account has been opened and that the budget is available.

Eligible expenses

Grants must be used to cover the direct costs of the research for which they were awarded. Regardless of the source of the funding, eligible expenses are generally defined in the rules and criteria of the granting agencies.

The following provides an overview of both eligible and ineligible expenses. This list is not exhaustive and some expenses that are admissible in one program may not be acceptable in another. We recommend that you read the guidelines on the use of grant funds for which the links are provided below or contact the Research Office if you have any doubts about the eligibility of an expense.

In addition, in response to the financial monitoring visit by the granting agencies and the resulting recommendations, information on the goal of a trip to attend a conference or for collaboration with a co-author must be indicated on each expenses reports that you may submit relative to your research projects. So when you attend a conference, you must specify, when submitting your claim, the connection between this conference and your research projects funded by the granting agencies. For expenses claimed for collaboration with a co-author, it is important to include the name of the co-author and the name of the university or the name of the research center to which he or she is affiliated.

Eligible Expenses Non-Eligible Expenses
Salaries and non-discretionary benefits Expenses incurred before or after the grant period
Stipends Stipends awarded as part of grants funded by FRQSC (with the exception of the Research Team Support Program and Strategic Clusters programs)
Hospitality costs (non-alcoholic refreshments or meals) incurred by a holder of research funds when entertaining, in an official capacity, researchers or other guests (partners and stakeholders), with the aim of facilitating or contributing to the achievement of research goals and objectives  

Hospitality costs, such as regular interactions with colleagues from the institution and personnel meetings.

 Alcoholic refreshments costs.

Costs for research material and supplies Costs related to preparing or defending a thesis, tuition fees or professional training
Costs for specialized software and computer equipment required for the research, including tablets * (see note below) Costs for the preparation of teaching materials or documents. Costs for computer equipment officially provided by the institution to all research and teaching personnel
Costs related to the dissemination of the research results Costs for the purchase of books, periodicals or specialized office furniture

 *The purchase of a digital tablet should made through Services aux utilisateurs TI of HEC Montreal ( The purchase of a digital tablet once every 3 years is an allowable expense for all research funds (unless otherwise noted). If after 3 years, a new tablet is necessary or desired, the old device must be returned to Services aux utilisateurs TI of HEC Montreal since any item purchased with research funds is the property of HEC Montreal.

In the event that it is necessary to acquire a new digital tablet before the end of the 3-year period, it will be possible to do so, subject to appropriate justification.


FRQ: Règles générales communes (in French)

Canada Research Chair: Administration Guide

Guide for the Organization of Events by the Teaching Staff at HEC Montréal (in French)

Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide

HEC Montréal - Expenses Reimbursement Rules (in French)

Transferring funds to a co-researcher at another university

Please contact Suzanne Lapierre in the Research Office. 


Relocating to a different university

Professors who join the ranks of HEC Montréal and who hold research grants or contracts at their previous academic institution can request that they be transferred in accordance with the rules of the granting agencies and the contracting parties concerned. The professors must inform the Research Office by submitting a copy of the original grant application and contract. Upon receiving confirmation of the transfer of funds, the Research Office will initiate the procedure to open an account for the research project.

In the event that you leave HEC Montréal, you can also request the transfer of your grants and contracts to your new institution. These transfers are made in accordance with the rules and procedures of the granting agencies and the contracting parties concerned. However, any grants awarded by HEC Montréal shall terminate on the date of your departure and cannot be transferred to another academic institution.


Indirect research expenses

Indirect costs are levied on contracts and grants. These costs are calculated based on the revenues recorded during the fiscal year.

As defined by the Ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation, indirect research costs refer to operating costs arising from research projects. They include the infrastructure operation and maintenance costs, project management and administration costs as well as costs for compliance with the various regulations and standards. For example, this may include the cost of buying or renting workspaces and materials as well as expenditure on the telecommunication services and on the hiring of administrative and maintenance staff.

More details (in French only)

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