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Congratulations to Roberto Garcia-Castro and Claude Francoeur for their article «When More is Not Better: Complementarities, Costs and Contingencies in Stakeholder Management» in Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 37, no 2, 2016, p. 406-424



Congratulations to Danny Miller, Xiaowel Xu and Vikas Mehrotra for their article «When is Human Capital a Valuable Resource? The Performance Effects of Ivy League Selection among Celebrated CEOs» in Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 36, no 6, Juin 2015, p. 930-944



Congratulations to Denis Chênevert, Geneviève Jourdain and Christian Vandenberghe, for their article “The role of high-involvement work practices and professional self-image in nursing recruits’ turnover: A three-year prospective study”, in International Journal of Nursing Studies, Volume 53, January 2016, pages 73–84. International Journal of Nursing Studies is ranked #1 out of 109 journals in the category Nursing of the Journal Citation Reports.

BIG DATA: The new study of Montreal International highlights the potential of local businesses, universities and research institutes to position Québec as a world leader in this up-and-coming field, which represents more than 15 billion US$ of revenue worldwide and is expected to grow an average of 25% per year by 2020. (Frost & Sullivan, June 2014).

Several HEC Montréal’s researchers, through strategic clusters as GERAD and CIRRELT, are particularly interested in this area.



Congratulations to Andrew T CHING, Robert CLARK, Ignatius J. HORSTMANN and Hyunwoo LIM for their article «The Effects of Publicity on Demand: The Case of Anti-Cholesterol Drugs» in Marketing Science, Vol. 35, no 1, January-February 2016, p. 158-181



Jean-Pascal GOND, Luciano BARIN CRUZEmmanuel B. RAUFFLET and Mathieu CHARRON for their article «To Frack or Not to Frack? The Interaction of Justification and Power in a Sustainability Controversy», in Journal of Management Studies, Vol. 53, no 3, May 2016, p. 330-363


Congratulations to Marcelo Vinhal NEPOMUCENO, Gad SAAD, Eric STENSTROM, Zack MENDENHALL and Fabio IGLESIAS for their article «Testosterone at your fingertips: Digit ratios (2D:4D and rel2) as predictors of courtship-related consumption intended to acquire and retain mates» in Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol. 26, no 2, April 2016, p. 231-244



Congratulations to Silke BUCHER, Samia CHREIM, Ann LANGLEY and Trisha REAY for their article «Contestation about Collaboration: Discursive Boundary Work among Professions» in Organization Studies, Vol. 37, no 4, April 2016, p. 497-522

Congratulations to Ravi JAGANNATHAN, David MATSA, Iwan MEIER and Vefa TARHAN for their article «Why do firms use high discount rates?» in Journal of Financial Economics; Vol. 120, no 3; June 2016, 445-463


Danny MILLER,  Lloyd STEIER and Isabelle LE BRETON-MILLER for their article «What can Scholars of Entrepreneurship Learn from Sound Family Businesses?», in Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, May 2016, Vol. 40, no 3, p. 445-455.

Linda Rouleau is elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.
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Isabelle Le Breton-Miller is elected member to the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientits of the Royal Society of Canada
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Silke BUCHER et Ann LANGLEY for their article «The Interplay of Reflective and Experimental Spaces in Interrupting and Reorienting Routine Dynamics» in Organization Science, Vol. 27, no 3, May-June 2016, p. 594-613

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