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PhD in administration - Management, Strategy and Organizations

Students wanted

You may propose your own research projects. However, this specialization is actively seeking students interested in the following research topic :



Develop new research on the general theme of « Strategy as Practice » around four main topics :

  • Strategy practitioners and their practices
  • The role of tools in the practice of strategy
  • Strategy and identity work, and
  • Inter-organizational strategizing
Faculty supervisor Professor Linda Rouleau


Description The Chair is looking for PhD students interested in advancing knowledge about team processes and performance around one of the following areas:
  • Crisis management teams (extreme teams)
  • Project teams
  • Top management teams and corporate boards
We are looking for students with strong skills in quantitative research and a background related to I/O psychology or organizational behavior.
Research environment Research Chair in Work Team Management and Effectiveness
Faculty supervisor Professor Caroline Aubé

Strategy and sustainability


Financing is available for students interested in studying how companies embed environmental and social sustainability into their operations and decision making.  Chosen students will become part of a global public-benefit research project that brings together researchers from seven different institutions, as well as over two dozen large multinational companies, industry associations and non-governmental organizations to undertake research and develop resources and tools that help companies move forward on their sustainable journeys.  For additional information on the project, including tools and resources developed to date, see the link below.

Research environment www.embeddingproject.org
Faculty supervisor Professor Charlotte Cloutier



Develop new research in strategy using quantitative methods around two main topics:

  • Corporate strategy in an international context
  • Top executives and strategy-making
Faculty supervisor Professor Marie-Ann Betschinger

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