Four professors launch a book on project management

March 12, 2014

management_projets_eManagement professors Caroline Aubé, Eric Brunelle, Richard Déry and Chantale Mailhot recently launched their book Le management des projets, shedding light on the many different types of projects within organizations and the complexity inherent in managing them.

To illustrate the variety of possible projects, the authors describe six types in the book: industrial; research and development; creative; event management; organizational development; and sustainable development. They say that their intention with this approach was to highlight the specific nature of and issues unique to each project type, and to demonstrate how important it is for managers to be aware of the specific nature of the projects they are managing and to adapt their management practices accordingly. 

About the authors

Associate Professor Caroline Aubé has been with HEC Montréal since 2004. She holds a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Professor Aubé collaborates with a number of research groups and laboratories, including the Tech3Lab, CRITEOS and Co-dot. Her research focuses mainly on the management and effectiveness of work teams.

Associate Professor Eric Brunelle holds a PhD in Technology Management from Polytechnique Montréal. He has been the Director and Editor-in-Chief of Gestion magazine since 2013, and is also associated with the Pierre Péladeau Chair of Leadership, the HEC Montréal Health Centre and the Tech3Lab. He has received two awards for teaching excellence, in 2012 and 2007, and the award for teaching innovation in 2009.

Richard Déry is a Full Professor of Management specializing in epistemology. He has written a number of management books, and received the 2011 François-Albert Angers Award for the School’s best textbook and the 2012 Jean Guertin Award for excellence in teaching.

Associate Professor Chantale Mailhot holds both a PhD and an MSc from HEC Montréal. She has authored and co-authored a number of articles published in leading journals, and specializes in management, social innovation and management skills. She is associated with the Pierre Péladeau Chair of Leadership.

Le management des projets, by Caroline Aubé, Eric Brunelle, Richard Déry and Chantale Mailhot, Éditions JFD, February 2014, 140 pages. Available at COOP HEC Montréal.

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