Six students awarded Lieutenant-Governor's Youth Medals

August 5, 2014

Six HEC Montréal students received Lieutenant-Governor's Youth Medals this year, recognizing their academic excellence and exemplary community involvement: Gabriel Coutu, Jonathan Darrieu, Marc D. Lachapelle, Élyse Lamoureux, Émilie Mageau and Viviane Mercier-Donatelli.

Gabriel Coutu showed his social and community involvement right from the beginning of his studies toward a BA in International Studies at the Université de Montréal, by setting up a project giving 12 young people ages 14 to 17 a first work experience in Honduras. In addition, during his first year in the MSc program, Gabriel finished adapting a play based on the diary kept by a friend during her long battle with breast cancer, and raised over $5,000. He then did an 11-month sustainable development internship with an international mining company.

Jonathan Darrieu has just completed his BBA (Management/Sustainable Development), with a GPA of 3.91 out of 4.3 and is starting a Master’s degree in Environmental Management at the Université de Sherbrooke. To date he has received three scholarships in recognition of his academic excellence and involvement, as well as six citations of excellence. Aside from his outstanding marks, Jonathan is highly involved in student associations. He was President of Groupe HumaniTERRE in 2013-2014 and also a member of the actions, debates and lectures committee of the Société de relations d’affaires at HEC Montréal and the Club de consultation en management.

After maintaining an excellent academic record throughout his BBA at HEC Montréal (Management/Sustainable Development), Marc D. Lachapelle continued in the MSc program in 2013. He was President of Groupe HumaniTERRE in 2012-2013 and later jointed the sustainable development committee of the Association des étudiants aux cycles supérieurs (AECS). In addition to serving on the HEC Montréal sustainable development council and the HECOdurable alumni group, he is a member of the Entrepreneur Committee of the Young Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. Marc also helped evaluate candidates for the 2014 Mercuriades awards from the Fédération des chambres de commerce.

Élyse Lamoureux holds a BBA from the School and will soon be entering the Specialized Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting – CPA program. She is a member of the Youth Council of West Island Community Shares and served as Project Director for the School’s 2014 income tax clinic. During her college studies, she developed an interest in humanitarian aid, and travelled to Senegal where she taught struggling grade 4 students. She was a member of the Amnesty International and Assistance Committee, and was recognized for her commitment at her college graduation ceremony. She has continued her involvement at university, including as a tutor for students experiencing difficulties.

Hard work and perseverance are Émilie Mageau’s hallmarks. At age 19, she gave up on the idea of continuing her studies because she felt she didn’t have what it took to make it. After working for seven years, she decided to enrol in the Bachelor’s in Management program at HEC Montréal. When she was diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder at age 27, she worked to set up a support organization for other students in the same situation. In June 2013, she joined the Canada Revenue Agency and has become one of its campus student ambassadors. With a GPA of 4.06 out of 4.3, Émilie can be proud of her achievements!

Viviane Mercier-Donatelli holds a BBA and will soon have an MSc as well, and makes an active contribution to her community. A member of the HEC Montréal Student Investment Fund, she was a member of several successful teams representing the School at different competitions in 2013: the Jeux du Commerce, Financial Open Cup and International Graduate Competition. She is also the Academic Vice-President of the HEC Montréal competitions committee and was lauded as one of the most devoted members of the AEHEC committees, at the 2013 recognition awards. She is also a member of the Management Consulting Club and in 2014 she co-founded a women’s business leadership and involvement committee, called LIFE.

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