2013 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest: seven winning firms originated at HEC Montréal

December 13, 2013

The Centre d’entrepreneurship HEC–POLY–UdeM rewarded 12 new businesses at the 16th edition of its annual Entrepreneurship and Innovation contest, seven of them founded by HEC Montréal students or recent graduates. At the award ceremony on December 4, these firms that originated at the School took home $55,000 in cash prizes and services.

The seven winning firms are:

Désirables Expérience Design Inc.

Design and sale of innovative, responsible intimate products for couples.

Entrepreneur: Isabelle B-Deslauriers (student in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship program)

Prizes: $4,500 from Novacap, $1,000 from the Université de Montréal, $500 from Ecksand and $9,000 from an anonymous donor 


TENOR Labs Inc.

Integrated 3D expert system for visualizing and processing medical images.

Entrepreneurs: Isidro Nunes (MBA 2013) and Samuel Audet-Arsenault (B.Eng, École de technologie supérieure)

Prizes: $5,000 from Univalor, $4,000 from Novacap, $2,500 from the Fondation Marie Françoise et Marc Beauchamp and $500 from Float 4 Interactive


BAM! – Brasserie artisanale du Mile-End

Cultural and educational microbrewery.

Entrepreneur: Nicolas Paquet (student in the Specialized Graduate Diploma in Management program)  

Prizes: $3,000 from the Fondation Marie Françoise et Marc Beauchamp, $1,000 from HEC Montréal, $1,000 from the Centre d'entrepreneurship HEC–POLY–UdeM, $500 from the Groupe Ricochet and $5,500 from an anonymous donor


Solutions Nütrade Inc.

Online marketplace for video game trading.

Entrepreneurs: Philippe Beauchamp (student in the MBA programs) and Jean-Philippe Landry (student in the Specialized Graduate Diploma in Management program) 

Prizes: $4,000 from Friends of Polytechnique of Montreal and $1,000 from Polytechnique Montréal


MJ Feed Mill Systems Inc.

Industrial software and integration of automated systems.

Entrepreneurs: Marcelina Jugureanu (student in the Bachelor’s in Management program) and Albert Müller (Bachelor’s in Software Engineering, Polytechnique Montréal)

Prize: $4,000 from Friends of Polytechnique of Montreal

Prize in services: $3,500 from Richter


A137 Clothing

Manufacture and sale of streetwear printed clothing.

Entrepreneur: Joëlle Beauchamp (student in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship program)

Prize: $3,000 from Jean-Pierre Chartrand



Line of alpaca outdoor wear.

Entrepreneur: John Timothy Shannon (BBA 2013, Entrepreneurship specialization)

Prize: $2,000 from Jean-Pierre Chartrand



Front row: Felipe Gallon (Solo Fruit and 2001 winner), John Timothy Shannon (Inka and 2013 winner), Isidro Nunes (TENOR Labs and 2013 winner), Joëlle Beauchamp (A137 Clothing and 2013 winner), Gaspard Petit (Enseed and 2008 winner), Aurélie Sauthier (Made in Blog and 2011 winner).

Second row: Jean-Philippe Landry (Solutions Nütrade and 2013 winner), Marcelina Jugureanu (MJ Feed Mill Systems and 2013 winner), Isabelle B-Deslauriers (Désirables Expérience Design and 2013 winner), Paule Tardif (Executive Director, Centre d'entrepreneurship HEC–POLY–UdeM), Nicolas Paquet (BAM! – Brasserie artisanale du Mile-End and 2013 winner), Jean Desrochers (Principal, Audit, Richter).

Third row: Cyril Brouillard (Humaneos and 2012 winner), Philippe Beauchamp (Solutions Nütrade and 2013 winner), Marc-André La Barre (La Barre Construction and 2004 winner), Lyne Noiseux (Posiflex Design and 2000 winner), Philippe Roy (Groupe Ricochet and 2008 winner), Félix Morin (Succès Scolaire and 2007 winner), Simon Lamarche (Adviso and 2003 winner).

Fourth row: Manuel Théberge (Novothermic and 2012 winner).

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