An Exceptional Performance in the Google Online Marketing Challenge

November 12, 2012

Three teams of HEC Montréal students in the MSc, Marketing Option, and MSc in Electronic Commerce programs placed among the world’s best in the latest edition of the Google Online Marketing Challenge. Competitors had to design an effective online marketing campaign for a small-to-medium business in Google AdWords, a targeted advertising platform created by the Internet search giant. More than 2,800 teams from 86 countries took part in this year’s challenge.  

The team of Raphaël Beaulieu, Asma Ben Tili and Jaime Rubin made it into the global top 60 with the campaign they designed for Jimmy Bijoux. The other two teams – the first one made up of Julien Beaulieu, Sébastien Magier, Laurent Migneault and Étienne Simphlet, and the second one of Rachel Lila Pouegue, Amy Quach and Lisa Waizmann – ranked in the top 15% worldwide with their respective campaigns for Souris Mini and Nippori Sushi.

The HEC Montréal teams were supported by Marketing professors Danilo Dantas and Sylvain Sénécal and by online advertising experts Emmanuel Begouen (consultant), Marc Di Gaspero (Ubisoft), Dany Pedneault (Touché ! PHD), Marc Poirier (Acquisio) and Sébastien Tremblay (Fly Conseils).

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