$250,000 to Optimize the Management of Cultural Organizations

April 4, 2011

Christine Saint-Pierre, Minister of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women, has announced a new agreement between her department and HEC Montréal aimed at optimizing the management of artistic and cultural organizations. The $250,000 grant will allow Professor Johanne Turbide to pursue a vast research project on preventing rather than managing financial crises in the arts sector (Les crises financières dans le secteur des arts : prévenir plutôt que guérir), begun in 2006.

According to Minister Saint-Pierre, this support will help continue the work begun by HEC Montréal and Professor Turbide’s team, designed to guide organizations facing problems in the areas of governance, succession and joint action.

Professor Turbide noted that the earlier research project had made it possible to identify the major issues with an impact on the financial vitality of cultural organizations, namely governance, succession planning, skill transfer and the development of alliances with local partners. The grant will help the team continue its reflection and work proactively on developing more efficient and effective tools for organizations. “As agents of the MCCCF, we will be an incubator for new practices,” she said.

This type of project is particularly relevant, given its participatory, transparent approach, endorsed by stakeholders. It is hoped that in the longer term this new practice incubator will revitalize Quebec cultural organizations.

“Professor Turbide is truly exploring a new field of knowledge. I am convinced that her pioneering work in this area will benefit the entire Quebec cultural sector, which is already known for its creativity and vitality and – this is where we come in – also for its management excellence,” said HEC Montréal Director Michel Patry.

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