Prix de la relève publicitaire – HEC Montréal Takes First Place

May 17, 2010

The HEC Montréal team is the proud winner of the 19th annual Relève publicitaire competition held by the Association des Professionnels de la Communication et du Marketing (APCM). This year, the teams had to come up with a sponsorship strategy. The clients, TELUS and the Mont-Tremblant ski resort, along with the Youville communauté creative agency, benefited from their strategic and creative recommendations.

The team was made up of Sandrine Clermont-Lord, Anthony Hachez, Marie-Élizabeth Lajoie, Marc Laurent-Atthalin, Catherine Maranda and Émilie McAllister-Lapierre, all students from the Marketing specialization in the HEC Montréal Bachelor’s in Business Administration program. They were coached by Marketing Professor René Gendreau, Co-ordinator of Academic Competitions.

“The students on the School’s team brought all kinds of very complementary strengths to the competition,” Professor Gendreau explained. “Their proposal to the clients really stood out from the other teams’ strategies. Our students’ strategy fully covered all aspects of the sponsorship between TELUS and Mont-Tremblant.”

This annual competition allows students in communications, marketing, administration, advertising and design to apply the concepts and theory they have learned to a concrete situation as they develop an actual marketing communication campaign for a client.

Université Laval (administration and communications), ESG-UQAM, Concordia University (John Molson) and the Université de Sherbrooke were all competing against HEC Montréal. To date the School has won first prize in the Relève publicitaire competition six times.

Winners of the Relève publicitaire competition

Left to right: René Gendreau (coach), Sandrine Clermont-Lord, Émilie McAllister-Lapierre, Anthony Hachez, Marc Laurent-Atthalin, Catherine Maranda, Marie-Élizabeth Lajoie

(Photo: Sylvain Lalande)

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