François Carrillat Receives the 2009 Best Paper Award from the Society for Marketing Advances

The young professor is rewarded for his research twice in one month

November 26, 2009

François Carrillat, an Assistant Professor with the Department of Marketing at HEC Montréal, received the award for the best scientific paper published in 2009. This recognition from his peers was presented on November 6, at the Annual Conference of the Society for Marketing Advances (SMA), in New Orleans.

He received the award for his paper entitled “Examining the Impact of Service Quality: A Meta-Analysis of Empirical Evidence,” which appeared in the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, a peer-reviewed journal. The other two co-authors of the article, Fernando Jaramillo (University of Texas at Arlington) and Jay Prakash Mulki (Northeastern University), shared this distinction with Professor Carrillat. The article examines the impact of service quality on customer satisfaction and their loyalty and buying intentions, based on a meta-analysis of 86 studies totalling nearly 43,000 respondents. The results show that service quality has not only a direct impact on buying intentions, but also an indirect impact, through customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Last year, François Carrillat tied for the Best Reviewer Award for the quality of his work in reviewing articles for the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice. In addition, he recently received the Young Researcher Award from HEC Montréal, in recognition of the quality of his research over the past three years.

Professor Carrillat joined HEC Montréal in 2005. He is particularly interested in the cognitive aspects (content and structure) of consumer behaviour, and the impact of sponsorships and cobranding. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of South Florida and an MSc in Management from the Université de Savoie.

The Society for Marketing Advances has members from 35 different countries. Its purposes are to promote the growth of intellectual leadership in the field of marketing on the part of professors, researchers and students in universities and interested executives in business and government.

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