François-Albert Angers Award

This award recognizes the quality of a textbook written in French by one or more professors, researchers or full-time or full-time faculty lecturers, and published during the year. To be eligible, the textbook must include exercises or other teaching tools and be intended for use in one or more courses.

There was a tie for this award:
Anne Bourhis and Denis Chênevert , Associate Professors with the Department of Human Resources Management, for the textbook published under their direction, entitled À vos marques, prêts, gérez : la GRH pour gestionnaires (also available in English: On your Mark, Get Set, Manage, HRM for the Managers).
Jean-Pierre Dupuis , Full Professor with the Department of Management, for the textbook Gestion en contexte interculturel, which he co-wrote with Eduardo Davel and Jean-François Chanlat.

Denis Chênevert

Denis Chênevert, co-winner with Anne Bourhis (not shown), and HEC Montréal Director Michel Patry.

Jean-Pierre Dupuis
Jean-Pierre Dupuis, winner, and Director Michel Patry.


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