Scholarships and Bursaries: Celebrating Talent and Perseverance

December 4, 2008

The first annual official scholarship award ceremony was held on November 26, for undergraduate students, and on December 3, for graduate and postgraduate students. It was an opportunity to salute the excellence and achievements of the 237 recipients, as well as their efforts and perseverance throughout their studies. All in all, scholarships and bursaries totalling $413,375 were awarded.

As Director Michel Patry noted, “This generosity on the part of our donors shows their confidence in the quality of our programs and our students. These donors are closely associated with the success of the students who have received this support and with that of the School. Their unfailing loyalty to HEC Montréal is very valuable, especially in the current context, and I thank them most sincerely.”

Since the beginning of the school year, scholarships and bursaries in the following categories have also been awarded to students in all programs:

New scholarship programs

Secretary General Jacques Nantel warmly thanked all the donors and also noted some new scholarship programs:

All in all, $1,909,625 has been awarded in scholarships and bursaries since the start of the school year. There is every reason to believe that HEC Montréal students will have received just over $3 million by the time the second award ceremony is held, next spring.

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