HEC Montréal Takes 1st Place in the Relève publicitaire Competition

May 21, 2008

The HEC Montréal team won the 17th edition of the Relève publicitaire competition organized by the Association marketing de Montréal – Publicité Club de Montréal (AMM-PCM). The Elixirs team bested five other university teams at the second edition of the AMM-PCM Stratégies Gala.

The Bachelor’s in Business Administration (marketing specialization) students on the winning team were Marc Briant, Charles-Antoine Gélineau, Freddy Tu, Valentin Millet, Noémie Monic and Alexandre Simard. The team was coached by Marketing professors Jean-Sébastien Marcoux and Pierre Balloffet.

“We had to come up with an integrated communication plan for our product, NU Nature from Proxim,” explains Valentin Millet, one of the members of the winning team. “We had three months to develop a campaign, including advertisements, a plan and a media strategy.” In keeping with tradition, the university teams were coached by an advertising agency. This year, members from the bleublancrouge agency took on that task.

“HEC Montréal trains people with strong strategic skills, and we do very well in that respect. Unlike teams from other universities, though, we can’t recruit any members with backgrounds in creation, filmmaking or graphic design to help us with our campaign. So it makes it even more of a challenge for us, and even more gratifying when we win,” says coach Jean-Sébastien Marcoux proudly.

This is the fifth time that HEC Montréal has come out on top in the Relève publicitaire.

Sébastien Maheux, Maryse Sauvé, Jacynthe Prince, Véronique Lettre, Sonya Bacon, Jean-Sébastien Marcoux, Noémie Monic, Valentin Millet, Alexandre Simard, Charles-Antoine Gélineau et Freddy Tu

Front row: Sébastien Maheux, bleublancrouge, Maryse Sauvé, bleublancrouge, Jacynthe Prince bleublancrouge, Véronique Lettre, PROXIM, Sonya Bacon, competition coordinator. Back row: Jean-Sébastien Marcoux, HEC Montréal professor, and members of the team Noémie Monic, Valentin Millet, Alexandre Simard, Charles-Antoine Gélineau, and Freddy Tu. Absent: Marc Briant.

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