New Features in the MSc Program: Supervised Project, Shorter Length and New Option

January 18, 2008

Some new features will take effect in the fall 2008 term for Master of Science (MSc) in Administration students. The key change is a new track – the supervised project – as an alternative to the thesis track. The program has also been shortened to 16 months, and a new option, Public Accountancy, has been added.

“Our MSc, founded in 1976, has a truly enviable reputation, as shown by the fact that nearly 40% of students in the program come from abroad, and the placement rate for its graduates has remained close to 100% year after year,” notes Program Director François Bellavance. “The changes we are making today are part of the natural evolution of the program. They won’t affect either its meticulous character or its in-depth approach, which are the cornerstones of its reputation. Rather they will give students more possibilities, in particular with the supervised project.”

Allowing students to choose between the thesis and supervised project tracks in most options is intended to make the program better reflect students’ varied personalities, interests and career orientations. Those who are eager to delve into a specific field of research or address a more theoretical issue will continue to choose the thesis track. Those who wish to acquire more advanced knowledge through courses and then work on a more practical issue will choose the supervised project.

The project may take the form of a consulting mandate or an internship in a business or a research laboratory. A co-ordinator will liaise between students and hosting organizations, which will have the opportunity to help train students while benefiting from their sophisticated expertise and analytical ability

The program has also been shortened. Students who start an MSc in the fall can complete it in 16 consecutive months, which now includes the summer term. “We hope that the fact that students can complete the program more quickly will encourage more people to do their graduate studies on a full-time basis,” says François Bellavance.

Finally, note that there are now two options in accountancy. The new Public Accountancy option complements the Graduate Certificate in Public Accountancy. The Controllership option is actually the former Accountancy option, which has been thoroughly remodelled and includes a number of new courses.

Whether students choose the thesis or supervised project track, François Bellavance promises, all MSc graduates will still be just as well prepared to join the labour market, as experts in a management field, or to pursue postgraduate studies.

Information Session

An information session on the MSc in Administration will be held at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, January 23, in the IBM Amphitheatre at HEC Montréal.

The MSc in fall 2008

Options Thesis Supervised project
  Courses : 21 credits
Thesis : 24 credits
Courses : 36 credits
Project : 9 credits
Applied Economics X
Applied Financial Economics X
Business Intelligence X X
Controllership X X
Finance X
Financial Engineering X
Human Resources Management X X
Information Systems X X
International Business X X
Logistics X X
Management X
Marketing X
Production and Operations Management X X
Public Accountancy X

NB: Options that do not offer the supervised project track in fall 2008 may do so in fall 2009.

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