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Wendy Reid, Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae (version française)



  • B.A., University of Toronto
  • MBA, York University
  • Ph.D., York University



Trained as a cellist, with an MBA and PhD from York University, Wendy Reid has had a 25-year management career in the arts.  Beginning with the Association of Canadian Orchestras (now Orchestras Canada), followed by The Toronto Symphony, The National Ballet of Canada, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Ms Reid has held positions in senior management, responsible for activities in operations, marketing, fundraising, education and general management.  Later in her career, the position as Head of Radio Music at CBC placed her in the role of programming and artistic management in the broadcast sector.  She sat on many boards and was regularly invited as a speaker in conferences, professional meetings and executive education. She has been recognized as Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association and has received a number of grants from the Canada Council to support professional studies in cultural management.


All of this experience has provided a rich and varied backdrop for her studies in the PhD program in Organizational Behaviour at York University in the Schulich School of Business, completed in June, 2007.  She taught in the MBA Program in Arts and Media at Schulich during her doctorate, and is currently associate professor at HEC Montréal in the Management Department. Her research interests focus on the cultural and nonprofit sectors in the areas of leadership, governance and philanthropy.



Associate of the Carmelle and Rémi Marcoux Chair in Arts Management, HEC Montréal;

Associate of the Pôle médias, HEC Montréal;

Member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Arts Management;

Membre de l’OICRM à l’Université de Montréal;

Member of the executive committee of the Nonprofit Governance Section in ARNOVA (2014-2015);

Co-researcher in a Community-University Research Alliance: Financial Crises in the Arts Sector (2008-2012).


Current Research


  1. Publications (peer reviewed)

Reid, Wendy & Rekha Karambayya (2015). The shadow of history: Situated dynamics of trust in dual executive leadership, Leadership (Sage) Online.


Reid, Wendy & Claudine Auger (2015). L’exploration du leadership bicéphale dans les entreprises culturelles, Gestion 39(4) 122-130.

Reid, Wendy & Johanne Turbide (2012). Board-staff relations in a growth crisis: Implications for governance, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 41(1) 82-99.


Reid, W & Rekha Karambayya (2009). Impact of dual executive leadership dynamics in creative organizations. Human Relations 62(7) 1073-1112.



  1. Publications (invited)

Reid, Wendy & Johanne Turbide (2013). Trust and distrust in not-for-profit governance. Nonprofit Quarterly, Fall-Winter


  1. Book chapters

Gibeau, Émilie, Wendy Reid & Ann Langley (2016). Co-Leadership: Contexts, Configurations and Conditions, in Storey, John, Jean Hartley, Jean-Louis Denis, Paul T. Hart & Dave Ulrich (ed.). The Routledge Companion to Leadership. London: Routledge.


Reid, Wendy & Johanne Turbide (2013). Dilemmas in the Board-Staff Dynamics of Nonprofit Governance in Cornforth, Chris & William Brown (ed.). New Perspectives on Nonprofit Governance. London, Routledge.


Reid, Wendy (2013). Beneath the surface and around the table: Board group dynamics and implications for governance in Cornforth, Chris & William Brown (ed.). New Perspectives on Nonprofit Governance. London, Routledge


  1. Research Grants

2015-16, Reid, Wendy (Principal researcher) & Renaud Legoux (Co-researcher). Management of the Arts and Culture: Something borrowed and something new … Social Science and Humanities Council in their Knowledge Synthesis program, 24 450 $.


2013-2016, Reid, Wendy (Principal researcher). Transition to philanthropic revenue in nonprofit arts organizations: A study of governance and cultural change. Fonds de recherche de la société et de la culture au Québec (FQRSC), 39 600 $.


2013, Reid, Wendy (Principal researcher). When “talent” becomes executive leadership: Competing values and dynamics in a role transition. Programme d’aide au démarrage d’un projet de recherché à HEC Montréal, 5 000 $.


2011-2014, Mary Waller (Principal researcher) & Wendy Reid (co-researcher). Behind the Curtain: A Study of High Performance Action Teams in Professional Theatre. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), 75 585 $.


2010. Reid, Wendy (in association with Mary Waller). Behind the Curtain: a Study of High Performance Action Teams in Professional Theatre. Programme d’aide au démarrage d’un projet de recherché à HEC Montréal, 4 500 $.


  1. Invited conference presentations :

« Management of the Arts and Culture: Something Borrowed, Something New ...  »

Developed with Audrey-Anne Cyr, Renaud Legoux in a colloque "Les nouveaux horizons du management: explorations à partir des industries créatives et culturelles"  at ACFAS in Montréal in May, 2016;


« Elite philanthropy and arts giving in Québec » à Copenhagen Business School lors de la première rencontre de l’International arts philanthropy network en octobre 2014;


Facilitatrice dans la séance sub-plenaire « Bridging Values, Forms and Culture in Creative Industries » avec Mukti Khaire & Silviya Svejenova lors d’EGOS à Montréal, en juillet 2013.


  1. Conference presentations (peer reviewed)

« Montreal English Theatre Awards (METAs): An English language cultural expression in a theatrical field configuring event » in a colloque organized by QUESCREN at ACFAS, in Montréal in May, 2016;


« Board-staff Relationships in Nonprofit Arts and Dual Executive Leadership: Implications for Governance » at the Academy of Management, Vancouver, Canada in August, 2015;


« Organizational compromises, adjustments and learning: Acquiring philanthropic revenue in non-profit arts organizations in Québec » at ERNOP (European Research Network on Philanthropy) at ESSEC, Paris in July 2015;


« Situated dynamics in a role transition: Becoming an artistic director in established non-profit performing arts organizations » at AIMAC in Aix-en-Provence in June 2015;


« From artist to artistic director in established non-profit performing arts organizations: Sensemaking and Institutional Work » at ARNOVA in Hartford, November, 2013;


« Le leadership bicéphale et la succession: Impacts sur la relation » presented in a colloque organized by Johanne Turbide & Pascale Landry, at ACFAS in Québec City in May 2013;


« Routine creation in teams: A shared script perspective » (third author with Marzieh Saghafian & Mary Waller) at INGroup in Atlanta, GA in July, 2013;


« Good or bad governance? Examining dynamics through a lens of trust and distrust » (with Johanne Turbide) presented in a symposium organized by William Brown, at ARNOVA in Toronto, Canada in November 2011;


« Seeking governance in dual executive leadership » in a Symposium « Leadership in the Plural » organized by Laura Empson, Cass Business School at Academy of Management in San Antonio, Texas in August 2011;


« Behind the curtain: Effects of routine creation on adaptation in stage management teams » (with Mary Waller) in a Symposium « Team adaptation processes in critical team contexts » European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), in the Netherlands in May 2011;


« Boards and Group Processes » in a Symposium « New Directions in Non-profit Governance Research » organized by Wendy Reid. ARNOVA 39th Annual Meeting in Arlington, Virginia in November 2010;


« Beneath the surface and around the table: The psycho-dynamics of board interaction » in a Symposium «What do boards do? Interpersonal and group processes in nonprofit governance » organised by Wendy Reid. Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Montréal in August 2010;


« The Psychodynamics of a Board of Directors in a Growth Crisis and Implications for Governance Practice » presented at ARNOVA, 38th Annual Conference November 2009, Cleveland OH;


« Perceptions of Governance in the Checks and Balance of Dual Executive Leadership » presented in a Symposium « Dimensions and Issues of Dual Leadership » at the Academy of Management Annual Conference, August 2009, Chicago IL;


« Conflict and Trust in Dual Executive Leadership in Cultural Organizations: Micro/Macro dynamics» (with Rekha Karambayya) presented at EGOS Colloquium in Barcelona, Spain in July 2009;


« Board/Staff Relations in a Growth Crisis: Implications for Governance » (with Johanne Turbide) presented at ARNOVA in Atlanta, GA in November 2007;


 « Funding Relationships, Trust, and Organizational Learning in Small and Medium Performing Arts Organizations » (with Slade Lander) at AIMAC in Valencia, Spain in July, 2007;


« Dual Leadership and Implications for Governance in Nonprofit Organizations » at ARNOVA in Washington, DC in November 2005, Washington, DC (This paper was chosen for inclusion as a shorter paper in ARNOVA’s e-abstracts for practitioners).


  1. Supervision

Doctoral dissertation:

Alexandre Bédard (2015) with Johanne Brunet: « Les facteurs influençant la vision des dirigeants d’entreprise : Étude comparative exploratoire de trois institutions dans l’industrie de la télévision publique »;


Mémoire MSc:

Véronique St-Pierre (in progress) with Martine Vézina: « Les pratiques de la relation Président du CA et le DG dans les cooperatives ».

Arianne Tavernier-Labrie (in progress) : Existe-il des variations dans la motivation et l'engagement des bénévoles dépendamment leurs secteurs d'activités?

Olivia Généreux-Soares (in progress) with Sébastien Arcand : ‘’Les politiques de diplomatie culturelle du Québec : Étude des implications pour les organisations artistiques et culturelles québécoises’’.

Elisabeth Michel (2011) with Anne Mesny: « Mise en perspectives des pratiques de la créativité: des enjeux clés »;


External evaluation:

Alison Minkus, University of Alberta (2015): Doctoral dissertation – « Maintaining the institutional core: A case study of institutional disruption and repair in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra (1842-2012) »

Maryse Cyr-Tremblay, UQAM (2015) Master’s Mémoire – « Configuration et pratiques du leadership pluriel au sommet de compagnies théâtrales québécoises’ »;

Hilde Fjellvaer, Norwegian School of Economics (2010): Doctoral dissertation - « Dual and unitary leadership: Managing ambiguity in pluralistic organizations ».



  1. New courses developed

4-405-11 Management des entreprises culturelles (launched in Fall, 2010 and taught twice annually to present)  in the DESS gestion des organismes culturelles and the Maîtrise en management des entreprises culturelles;


Leadership in Context (launched in Winter 2014 and taught annually) in International Masters in Arts Management, a collaborative program between HEC Montréal, Bocconi University and SMU. Continued in Winter 2015;


Management de la philanthropie en contexte artistique (Launched in Fall 2014 and taught annually) in the DESS gestion des organismes culturels and the Maîtrise en management des entreprises culturelles;


Legal Context of Cultural Organizations (as Coordinator; course has been re-conceived with an external specialized lawyer) – launched in D.E.S.S.G.O.C. Autumn 2014.


  1. Published cases (peer review)

Karine Plouffe & Wendy Reid. « La galerie d’art Foreman de l’Université Bishop’s : comment jongler avec des perspectives différentes » 2016. (40 pages). Notes pédagogiques (26 pages) Revue internationale des cas en Gestion, enligne.


Marie Beaulieu & Wendy Reid. « Ludmilla Chiriaeff : Femme de conviction et fondatrice d’institutions consacrées à la danse au Québec » 2016. (34 pages). Notes pédagogiques (20 pages)  Revue internationale des cas en Gestion, enllgne.


Therrien, Geneviève & Wendy Reid. « Théâtre aux Écuries : L’art de faire des choses autrement » 2014 (17 Pages). Teaching notes (24 Pages). Revue international de cas en gestion 12(4);


Laframboise, Andréanne & Wendy Reid. « Pauline Vaillancourt : Visionnaire de Chants Libres », 2013 (26 pages). Teaching notes (13 pages). Revue internationale de cas en gestion 11(3);


Del Bono, Anaïs, Claudine Auger & Wendy Reid. « Art Mûr : entre art et commerce » 2013, (30 pages). Teaching notes (18 pages). Revue internationale de cas en gestion 11(1).


  1. Cases listed in the catalogue of the Centre de cas, HEC Montréal

Auger, Claudine, Marc-Antonin Hennebert & Wendy Reid, « Dissonance à l’Orchestre symphonique de Montréal – Partie A – La répétition d’un même acte ? » 2013 (4 pages). No 9 30 2013 001;


Auger, Claudine, Marc-Antonin Hennebert & Wendy Reid, « Dissonance à l’Orchestre symphonique de Montréal – Partie B : Négociation sous pression. 2013 (4 pages), No 9 30 2013 002;


Reid, Wendy, « Bon Cop, Bad Cop: The making of ... », 2008 (36 pages) no 9 40 2012 024. Teaching notes, 2010 (12 pages), no 5 40 2012 019;


Gazaille, Raymonde & Wendy Reid. « Rémi Brousseau et Pierre Rousseau : une direction bicéphale du Théâtre Denise-Pelletier ». 2012, 16 pages, no 9 40 2010 034.  Teaching notes (Thibodeau, Simon &Wendy Reid), 2012 (10 pages), no 5 40 2012 024;


Guay, Emmanuelle, Simon Thibodeau & Wendy Reid. « La conquête de la légitimité du centre en art actuel Sporobole », 2012 (17 pages). no 9 40 2012 028. Teaching notes, 2012 (12 pages), no 5 40 2012 023.



  1. Cases in production

Lévy, Yvanca & Wendy Reid. « Le 41ième bal-bénéfice des Ballets Jazz de Montréal : L’organisation et la longévité du financement privé » with notes pédagogiques (2014).


Pinard, Sophie & Wendy Reid. « Le Moulin au Musique – une petite organisation en cherche des ressources » with notes pédagogiques (2014).


Côté, Martine & Wendy Reid. « Les bénévoles de l’OSQ : Les employés comme les autres ? » with notes pédagogiques (2014)


Baril, Mathieu & Wendy Reid. « Art Souterrain et ses bénévoles: L’école du travail professionnel » with notes pédagogiques (2014)


  1. Teaching notes to accompany films and documentaries - listed in the catalogue of the Centre de cas, HEC Montréal

Thibodeau, Simon & Wendy Reid. Composer avec un leader visionnaire : Ferran Adrià, chef cuisinier du restaurant elBulli (documentary by Gereon Wetzel, 2011), 2013, 19 pages No 5 40 2013 026;


Barlow, Catherine & Wendy Reid. Marina Abramovic: En presence de l’artiste (documentary by Matthew Akers, 2013), 2013, 18 pages, No 5 40 2013 027;


Thibodeau, Simon & Wendy Reid. Des hommes et des dieux : identité de groupe et prise de décision (film by Xavier Beauvois, 2010), 2012, 15 pages, no 5 40 2012 015;


Thibodeau, Simon & Wendy Reid. La Nuit américaine : Truffaut et le leadership dissimulé (film by François Truffaut, 1974), 2012, 10 pages, no 5 40 2012 016;


Thibodeau, Simon & Wendy Reid. The Company : de la carrière d’artiste à l’artiste gestionnaire (film by Robert Altman, 2003 (2012), 15 pages, no 5 40 2012 016.


  1. Sectoral Notes

Boutonnet, Sébastien & Wendy Reid. Étude comparative des pratiques sectorielles de la collecte de fonds au Québec (2015);


Roxanne Musial, Geraldine Dallaire & Wendy Reid. « Histoire de philanthropie en France et aux États-Unis » (2015);


Gazaille, Raymonde, Isabelle Ouellet & Wendy Reid. « Relations de travail : les syndicats dans le secteur des organisations culturelles québécoises vouées aux arts et aux lettres », 2009 and revised in 2013, 26 pages. Listed in the catalogue of the Centre de cas at HEC Montréal no 7 40 2010 002;


Gazaille, Raymonde & Wendy Reid. « Infrastructures et bâtiments culturels dans le milieu des arts de la scène et le milieu muséal », 2009, 17 pages. Listed in the catalogue of the Centre de cas at HEC Montréal no 7 40 2010 001.


  1. Book chapters

Reid, Wendy (2013). Dual Executive Leadership in the Arts: Rémi Brousseau, Pierre Rousseau and Le Théâtre Denise-Pelletier in Caust, Jo (ed.) Arts Leadership International Case Studies, Melbourne, Tilde University Press, distributed internationally by Palgrave MacMillan, chapter 7, p. 96-110, ISBN 978-0-7346-1169-7.


Reid, Wendy (2013). «Artists and Managers as Executive Leaders of Arts Organizations in Henze, Raphaela (ed.), Kultur und Management – Eine Annäherung, Wiesbaden, VS Springer, p. 227- 237, ISBN-10: 3531192760, ISBN-13: 978-3531192765.


  1. Syntheses of academic articles

Auger, Claudine & Wendy Reid. « Lampel, Joseph, Theresa Lant & Jamal Shamsie, (2000). ‘Balancing Act: Learning from Organizing Practices in Cultural Industries’, Organization Science, vol. 11, no 3, p.263-269 », 2009, 5 pages.


Gazaille, Raymonde & Wendy Reid. « Trish Reay & C.R. Hining (2009) ‘Managing the rivalry of competing institutional logics’, Organization Studies, vol. 30, no 6, p.629-652 », 2010, 10 pages.  


Gazaille, Raymonde & Wendy Reid. « Reid, W. & R. Karambayya (2009). « Impact of dual executive leadership dynamics in creative organizations’, Human Relations, vol. 62, no 7, p. 1073-1112 », 2010, 10 pages.     


Gazaille, Raymond & Wendy Reid. « Glynn, Mary Ann (2000). ‘When cymbals become symbols: Conflict over organizational identity in a symphony orchestra’, Organization Science 11, 3, 285-298 », 2010, 9 pages.


Thibodeau, Simon & Wendy Reid. « Frederico, Ronald (1983). The decision to end a performing career in ballet, dans Performers and Performances : the Social Organisation of Artistic Work (red.) Kamerman, Jack & Roseanne Martorella », 2011, 6 pages.


  1. Projets d’intégration supervised in the M.M.E.C.

Stephanie Hayot-Sasson (August 2013) Touring contemporary visual art exhibition in China;

Catherine Bussières (August 2013) Le conseil d’administration et sa performance au Château Ramezay;

Sébastien Boutonnet (August 2013) Les variations des techniques de collecte de fonds dans le secteur à    but non lucratif au Québec;

Yvanca Lévy (August 2013) Cas et ses notes pédagogiques : Le bal des Ballets jazz;

Étienne Langlois (December 2013) La succession dans les compagnies de création de théâtre au Québec;

Marie-Hélène Grenier (December 2013) La gestion de la vie professionnelle d’un travailleur culturel : Un avis d’expert sur so-même;

Kim Lefebvre (December 2013) Réorientation stratégique des Jeunes ballets du Québec;

Laurence Pinard (December 2013) Les producteurs dans les secteurs de la culture au Québec – une description des tâches et des modèles d’affaires;

Karine Plouffe (December 2013) Cas et ses notes pédagogiques: L’art dans les universités: Le cas de la galérie d’art Foreman dans l’Université Bishop’s;

Pascale Corney (May 2014) L’engagement étudiant dans les services d’animation socio-culturelles des cégeps;

Fannie Bellefeuille (May 2014) Le leadership pluriel dans les micro-organismes des arts de la scène;

Kasia Leskiewicz (May 2014) Les grands mécènes et la succession dans les organismes culturels;

Gabrielle Blackburn (May 2014) Développement d’un programme de jeunes philanthropes dans l’Orchestre Métropolitain;

Alexandre Paquette (May 2014) Étude sur la gestion de la polyvalence dans les centres culturels situés en régions en petites villes;

Jean-Pierre Primiani (August 2014) Meilleurs pratiques dans la collecte de fonds en opéra en Amérique du Nord;

Louis Xavier Sheitoyan (August 2014) Bureaucratie versus entrepreneuriat dans les maisons de la culture;

Laureen Bardou (April, 2016) Habiletés sociales et politiques : Les professionnels de financement privé;

Elizabeth Cardeau Rancourt (April, 2016) Le rôle d’un directeur artistique.         

Joanie Leroux-Côté (April, 2016) « Cas sur les Sept doigts de la main – leur structure de financement et diffusion »

Ludovic Delrieux (April 2016) « Internship at the Conseil des arts de Montréal »

Marie-Hélène Nault Leblanc (April 2016) « Transition de carrière des musiciens dans les orchestres » (Bourse IDEOS)

Mariana Obando (April 2016) « Community outreach programs in professional arts training institutions »

Roxanne Musial (August, 2016) « Histoire de la philanthropie au Canada anglais »

Josianne Mailloux (August 2016) « HR management in professional arts training institutions »

Thérèse Ghobriel (August, 2016) « Role of administrative director in the performing arts »

Isabelle Ouellet (August, 2016) « Stage en philanthropie au Musée d’imprimerie du Québec »

Vivianne Dohle (December, 2016) « Les relations entre directeurs de production et techniques et le budget »

Marie Hébert (December, 2016) « Polarités entre art et les relations de clients »

Mathieu Baril (December, 2016) « Les stages non-rémunéré dans les arts et la culture »


Other pedagogical Activities

Evaluation of Arts Management Program at Deakin University, Business School. International Panel Member. October 22-23, 2015.


Teaching with cases online, February 2015 at Harvard Business Publishing (as participant),


Teaching with cases, for the faculty of the MBA Arts and Media Program at the Schulich School of Business, Feb 2014 (as teacher),


Professional affiliations and activities

Facilitator for collaboration building among touring networks for contemporary dance in Canada (Danse sur les routes du Québec, CanDance, Ontario Dances, Atlantic Moves, Made in BC) (with Cassandre Lescarbeau), 2014.


Member of the board of directors for the Dancer Transition and Resource Centre, 2012-2015.


Facilitator for a collaboration project between the Regroupement québécois de la danse and the Canadian Dance Assembly since summer 2012. Research was undertaken regarding Québec-Canada relationships in several associations across Canada and Québec to inform the negotiations.


Member of the jury for for the National Award for the recognition of members of Boards of Directors in Canadian opera companies in fall 2012.


Member of program and organizing committee for the National Meeting of Orchestras Canada in May 2012 at HEC Montréal.


Final comments at the National Meeting for Orchestras Canada in Vancouver in May 2011.


Kelly Sears Consulting Group – Garry Sears, June Creelman and Wendy Reid. Evaluation of the Canadian Arts and Heritage Sustainability Program, rapport submitted to Heritage Canada in May 2009. Available at the following address:

« Le leadership bicéphale », a presentation to Tribune d’échange sur le partenariat médico-administratif de l’Association québécoise d’établissements de santé et de services sociaux (AQESSS), March 28 2012.

« Le Metcalf Foundation : Une étude sur l’influence du financement sur l’apprentissage organisationnel » presented in a colloque at HEC Montréal : Le financement de la créativité : nouveaux enjeux, nouvelles approches, organized by Mosaïc, October 20 & 21, 2011.

«Ménage à trois : Le DA, DG et le CA », Programme midi-recherche dans le cadre de l’Alliance de recherche université-communautaire (ARUC - CRSH), February 21, 2011;

« Leadership bicéphale », Programme midi-recherche dans le cadre de l’Alliance de recherche université-communautaire (ARUC - CRSH) (in the same presentation with Hilde Fjellvaer of the Norwegian School of Economics) and in affiliation with Le Groupe d’étude sur la pratique de la stratégie (GEPS), January 14 2009;

« Leadership bicéphale », Programme midi-recherche au milieu culturel dans le cadre de l’Alliance de recherche université-communautaire (ARUC - CRSH), September 21 2007.

« Leadership bicéphale : normal ou inquiétant? », La Presse, November 2011.

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