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How to survive winter in Québec!

Let yourself carried away by the magic of winter! The best way to enjoy the season is to inform and prepare yourself! Here are a few tips on how to fully enjoy the Canadian winter:

1. Dress accordingly 

Dressing accordingly during the winter season is essential in order to stay warm and avoid being sick. Here are three tips to help you out: 

+  Winter coats

  • Waterproof (synthetic fabric) and lined with (polar or down feathers)
  • 3/4 length coat instead of a short one
  •  With a zipper instead of buttons
  •  Collar that goes up to the nose
  •  Don’t forget the hood!
  •  Both light and warm at the same time!

+  Winter boots

  • Avoid tennis shoes with wool socks: they’re not waterproof and they are slippery on ice.
  • Avoid high heels: go towards practical things!
  • Fur-lined leather boots: they protect you better from the cold and they have non-slippery soles.
  • Buy boots that are a half size bigger than your normal size. Your toes must be able to move a little bit!
  • You can add thermal insoles for maximal comfort and warmth.
  • Have a second pair of shoes: take off your boots when you are inside if not, your feet will freeze when you go back outside

+  Winter accessories

  • Mittens are warmer than gloves!
  • Best option? Thick wool mittens or leather fur-lined gloves!
  • Wearing a hat and covering your neck during winter is very important.

 2. Winter activities

Enjoy the numerous activities Montreal has to offer during the winter season! These activities are all a must in order to enjoy your staym in Canada. 

+  Skating

+  Indoor activities

+  The ''musts''

3. Health during winter

Here are a few tips on how to prevent getting and/or treating a cold or a flu. 

+  How to fight a cold

Watch out for the cold

-Limit contacts with sick people!

-Wash your hands;

-Don't touch your eyes, nose and mouth;

-Drink a lot of water;

-Don't overheat.

How to get well?

There is no medication for this disease that lasts 2 to 4 days, maximum 10 days. That doesn't prevent Canadians to spend annually more than 300 million dollars in medication to relieve their symptoms!

The bed is the best strategy! Stay at home, in bed if possible, this allows the body to recover faster. Drink hot beverages. Drink any hot beverage, more than one a day, helps to relieve sore throat and nasal congestion. We suggest you to try thyme herbal tea.

+  How to fight a flu

How to prevent the flu?

You can avoid the flu the same way as the cold: limit contacts, wash your hands and hydrates yourself.

Get the flu shot: Just like the cold, the flu is caused by a virus, there is a vaccine to get immunize against it (2$ to 20$ depending on the medical clinics).


How to get well?

The flu hits hard, 4 to 7 seven days, and can last up to 3 weeks in certain cases. You get well just like with the cold. There is medication to fight against the flu virus but they are prescribed only for chronic sick people or people with a delicate health.

Garlic and herbal tea: according to nature cure, garlic tea is an excellent antibiotic to get rid of the flu. You just crush some garlic in 250 ml of hot water and you add 2 ml of ginger, 5 ml of lemon and 5 ml of honey to give it a nicer taste.

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