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If you are a minor

If you are a minor upon your entry in Canada, you must meet one of the following requirements to be allowed to study here:

  • Be accompanied in Canada by at least one parent. The accompanying parent cannot leave Canada before your majority. You should consider this solution if you will be reaching your majority shortly after your arrival.
  • Delegate parental authority to an adult living in Montréal who is either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. This is an important responsibility to delegate: people who are not close to you will not agree to take on this role. In addition, according to the law, the student must live with the tutor.  
  • Apply for emancipation to obtain an early majority. (In France, this request is made to the guardianship judge or “juge des tutelles”.)

For more details on the documents you need to send, consult the MIDI website:

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