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Step 1. Obtain the immigration documents

International students who wish to study in Quebec must meet the conditions specified by the Quebec government in addition to that of the Canadian government.

The following steps are done using your admission letter, which can be found in your HEC en ligne account in the Admission section under Admission Decision. You will need to print this document for: 

1. Your Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) application
2. Your application for a study permit and your temporary resident visa (if needed)

You must procure these authorisations prior to your arrival in Canada. Failure to have your immigration papers in order when you arrive in Canada could make it impossible to enter the country. 

Additionally, if you cannot to provide proof that you have obtained the necessary immigration papers at the start of the school year, HEC Montréal will be unable to admit you. If you encounter any problems, please contact us as quickly as possible.

In order to validate your admission to HEC Montréal, you must submit your immigration papers in your HEC online before the deadline for modification with refund that you will find here.

Students younger than 17 years of age may have additional requirements to satisfy.

Allow 4 to 6 additional weeks


First of all, you must have a valid passport for the entire duration of your program

Allow 4 to 8 weeks


Immigration document required by the Government of Québec

Allow 3 to 5 weeks


Immigration papers required by the Canadian government

Allow 2 weeks to 6 months


In addition to the immigration papers we have already mentioned, you should find out if you are required to have a temporary resident visa before you arrive.


If you are making a stopover before flying into Montréal you should find out about transit visas.

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