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RAMQ: the only possible exception to the Sun Life health insurance plan

Some students are eligible to replace the Sun Life insurance by the insurance plan of the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) provided that they meet certain requirements.

  • If this applies to you, make sure you know what steps you must take before your arrival.
  • Supplementary insurance may also prove useful or necessary for covering costs not covered by RAMQ.
The School's health insurance premium will only be refunded if you present proof of your RAMQ insurance to the Registrar's office before the deadline.

Conditions of eligibility

Nationals of certain countries          

Exemption for diplomats

Students depending on an international organization

+  Maintain my RAMQ coverage

For all: 

  • Notify the RAMQ of any change in address by calling 514-864-3411 or by contacting them online.

If you have renewed your immigration documents:

  • Once you have your new CAQ, call the RAMQ at 514-864-3411 to get information on how to renew your health insurance card.


    For French students:

  • You will receive a document from the RAMQ to confirm your full-time student status on or before the beginning of November 2015. Sign this document and return it to the Régie. 
  • If you had an irregular academic situation during the last year (part-time studies, interruption of studies, etc.), call the RAMQ at 514-864-3411 so they can evaluate your situation.
  •  If you don't communicate with the Régie, they will terminate your RAMQ eligibility retroactive to September 1st.

Note: It is your responsibility to inform the Registrar's office if you lose eligibility for the RAMQ. If this happens, you must purchase the School's health insurance policy.

Not having health insurance while living in Quebec puts you at risk and is also illegal.

+  RAMQ after your studies

RAMQ for international students on a post-graduate work permit

You can be insured through the RAMQ for the duration of your post-graduate work permit. Once you have received your work permit, you must take it along with your passport to the RAMQ in order to apply.

A three-month waiting period may applied between the day that you sign up with the RAMQ and the day that you are actually covered if you were not covered by the RAMQ with the 45 days prior to signing up with your post-graduate work permit. Make sure that you have another health insurance coverage for the months during which you are not covered by the RAMQ.

If after your studies you are planning on leaving Québec to go back to your home country for good, please remember to send your health insurance card back to the Régie by mail. You will find the return address on the back of your card.

For those who are staying in Québec and are planning to move during the summer, it is important to notify the Régie of your change of address to update your file. You will find their contact information on the following page:

Note : It is your responsibility to notify HEC Montreal if you are no longer eligible for the RAMQ.

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