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Obligatory health insurance at HEC Montréal

NOVELTY - From the fall 2017 only, your Sunlife card will also become a payment card for prescription medicines which you will take at the pharmacy. In other words, you will have only to present your card and you will not have to pay out for your medicine.

All international students are automatically enrolled in the School's health insurance plan for international students (Sun Life) as soon as they register at HEC Montréal. Some students are eligible to replace Sun Life insurance by the insurance of the Régie de l'Assurance Maladie du Québec (RAMQ)


+  What is the coverage offered by Sun Life?

See the brochure for Sun Life coverage.

This coverage also includes an
additional travel insurance.

+  What are the Sun Life coverage period and associated costs?

For foreign students studying in a regular program, you will be charged for the full year with your tuition at the fall session.


Students Targeted

Term of coverage

Period of coverage under the HEC Montréal plan

Insurance premium - single student

Regular Student

F + W+ S

From August 16th to August 15th  

636 $

MBA Student

S + F + W

From April 15th to April 30th   

711 $

Newly Admitted Student

- Fall

- Winter

- Summer


F + W + S

W + S



From August  16th to August  15th  

From January 1st to August  15th  

From May 1st to August  15th    


 636 $

420 $

260 $

Exchange Student

- Fall et Winter

- Fall

- Winter


F + W




From August  16th to May 31st

From August  16th to December 31st  

From January 1st to May 15th





+  When and where can I get my Sun Life insurance card?

A week after paying your insurance fees (see payment methods), you can print your card by refering to the guide or using the app "My Sun Life".

Students participating in an exchange program will be informed of payment terms specific to their situation by email prior to their arrival.

If you contact the insurer, and we tell you that you are not on the list of the insured students, send un email at

+  How do I use my Sun Life card?

To receive health care, present your insurance card.

            1. You may have to pay the fees and then request a refund from Sun Life.
            2. In some clinics and hospitals, the claim is made directly to Sun Life. So you have nothing to pay.

For health resources in Quebec, see the Health page.

+  How do I request a refund from Sun Life?

It is possible to send a request for a refund once you have your health insurance card.

            1. Gather your proof of payment or invoice (if you have not paid)
            2. Print the
refund form and complete it
            3. Send the request for reimbursement to the address indicated on the form and enclose original invoices

The repayment period is about three weeks. Keep a copy of your bills and the form.

+  I paid my insurance and I have my card. However, Sun Life or the health care provider says that I am not insured. What should I do?

Do not panic - you are insured! Between the time of payment and the reception of your information by the insurer, there is a certain administrative delay. Therefore when you call Sun Life, your information may not be in the system. If you need to request a refund, contact Student Services so that we can speed up the confirmation of your registration.

Getting started with my Sun Life & my Sun Life Mobile


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