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Step 7. Register for the courses


Three-Year B.B.A. and Four-Year B.B.A.

The Registrar will automatically register you for your courses before the beginning of the term. You can check your courses, schedule and group on HEC en ligne, under "Enrollment". For more information, consult your Admission Guide.


Other Programs

You are required to register for your courses by yourself through HEC en ligne.

Registration dates might differ from a program to another. Consult the Admission Guide of your program for specific advice.

A list of classes for each programme is available on line.

We recommend you register on the first day, as a first come, first served policy is used..

It is also important to plan  your course schedule for the whole year, checking in advance which classes will be offered in the following sessions.

 Procedure to register for your courses through HEC en ligne

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