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Working after graduation

The post-graduation work permit is valid for the same duration as the last study program that you have completed. It entitles students to work full time after their studies and therefore to change their status by becoming workers.

This work permit cannot be renewed, even for another diploma. 

Required conditions: 

  • You must have been a full-time student in Canada and must have completed a program of study for a minimum period of eight months.
  • You must apply for a work permit within 90 days of receiving a document from your institution (such as a transcript or an official letter) confirming that you have met the requirements for completion of your program.
  • You must have successfully completed the program of study and received a document notifying you that you qualify for getting your diploma or certificate.
  • You must have a valid study permit when you apply.

If you are in one of these situations expressed belows, you have to apply for your post-graduation work permit :

  • B.B.A. students who have enough credits to graduate but who want to extend their studies to do a double specialization or to increase their average.
  • Students who graduate from B.B.A. and who are admitted to Specialized Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting.

Determine your eligibility for a post-graduation work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and apply online or by mail. 

Visit the official documents page of the Registrar to find out when your certificate of completed studies will be available.

There is a $100 additional fee for all open work permit applications, including the post-graduation work permit, since February 21, 2015. See Notice - Changes to strengthen employer accountability 

 Students must apply for a Social Insurance Number once they receive their work permit.

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 *This information has no official value and is only a synthesis of the required procedures to the best of our knowledge at the date of publication. Changes to laws can occur at any time without further notice. The laws and rules of Quebec and Canada, as well as the information provided on the websites of the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion (MIDI) as well as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), take precedence over the information contained herein.

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