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Obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

ATTENTION: Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is making changes to the regulations of the International Student Program which will go into effect June 1st, 2014. For further information regarding the new regulations, please consult the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

We are waiting to receive more details concerning the application of the new regulations and will publish more information as it becomes available.


*This information has no official value and is only a synthesis of the required procedures to the best of our knowledge at the date of publication. Changes to laws can occur at any time without further notice. The laws and rules of Quebec and Canada, as well as the information provided on the websites of the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion (MIDI) as well as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), take precedence over the information contained herein.


The Social Insurance Number (SIN) 1 is mandatory in order to work and for income tax purposes in Canada. It is in no way related to health insurance coverage. Your Social Insurance Number will be valid until the end of your stay in Canada or for a maximum of five (5) years. It can be renewed if necessary.


Request a Social Insurance Number (SIN)


I have a(n)

+  off-campus work permit

Go in person2 with the following documents to a Service Canada office to request your SIN:

  • Your passport
  • Your study permit
  • Your off-campus work permit

+  work permit for co-op/internship program

Go in person2 with the following documents to a Service Canada office to request your SIN:

  • Your passport
  • Your study permit
  • Your work permit for co-op/internship program

+  study permit that does not give authorization to work off-campus

The following information is from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

NEW PROCEDURE - amendment to the conditions regarding authorization to work off-campus (only for those in an eligible program of study)


For students who have a study permit granted prior to June 1st, 2014


For students who have a study permit granted after June 1st, 2014, but whose study permit does not have a remark granting authorization to work such as: 

  • May accept employment on the campus of the institution at which registered in full-time studies

  • May work 20 hrs off-campus or full-time during regular breaks if meeting criteria outlined in section 186(v) of IRPR

  • May accept employment on or off campus if meeting eligibility criteria as per R186(f), (v) or (w). Must cease working if no longer meeting these criteria

Note: If the following remark is printed on your study permit: This permit does not permit the holder to engage in off campus employment in Canada, and you have become eligible to work on or off campus without a work permit (e.g., you have transferred to an eligible program of study), you must apply to change the conditions of your study permit and pay the applicable fee.




Request to Amend the Record of Landing, Confirmation of Permanent Residence or Valid Temporary Resident Documents IMM 5218

This application is available in paper format only.

Urgent Applications: Requests relating to inclusion of references to on and off campus work authorization on a study permit do not qualify for urgent processing.

Processing times for the Amendment of valid temporary resident documents:

Once you have the authorization to work on your study permit, follow the directions in the link below to apply for a Social Insurance Number.

+  study permit with authorization to work

If you received your study permit after June 1st, 2014, it should bear the statement ‘may accept employment’ or ‘may work’ if you are eligible to do so.

Go in person2 with the following documents to a Service Canada office to request your SIN:

  • Your passport
  • Your study permit

1 Please note that this number should be kept confidential and that you have the right to refuse to share it. Please review information on how to protect your SIN and determine the circumstances in which you are required (or not) to supply it.

2 Under certain conditions you can send your request via mail. Please visit the Service Canada website for more information.

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