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High speed Internet access in Canada is fairly expensive, and slower than the service generally available in Europe.

Several rates are available, depending on the speed you want. But make sure that you get the speed for which you are paying; depending on your dwelling and its distance from the dispatch centre (DSL only), you could have a connection at less than full speed. In such a case, think of calling the provider to reduce your rate plan and avoid paying for a speed of which you cannot take advantage.   

Be aware that there are monthly downloading and uploading limitations; Internet access in Canada is rarely unlimited where quantity of transmitted data is concerned. If you exceed your monthly quota, you will be charged for each additional megabyte beyond your quota.

There are two Internet connection modes:

  • For a cable connection, you must subscribe to Vidéotron. The Coop HEC Montréal computer store can help you take advantage of a rebate with Vidéotron.
  • For a phone line connection, you can subscribe to Bell Sympatico or a competitor who uses their networks. You can have a phone line Internet connection without having a landline subscription; it is called a “naked” or “standalone” ADSL line. All you need is a phone jack, but your subscription price may be increased.
  • In both cases, if the dwelling is not already equipped with a cable or phone jack, you will be charged installation fees (plan for a minimum of $100).

Line creation fees may also be charged for a new subscription.

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