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Permanent residence


Foreign students who plan to move to Canada after their studies as qualified workers must apply for permanent residence.

Students wishing to immigrate to Québec must first apply for a Québec Selection Certificate (CSQ) at the provincial government level:

They will then need to apply for permanent residence at the federal government level:

NOTE: The process to become a permanent resident is costly (approximately $1,500, including the medical examination). You do not have to hire an immigration lawyer or consultant to represent you. A number of resources are available free of charge.

For further information, we strongly encourage you to attend the information sessions on permanent residence. Please consult our activities calendar.



The objective of this new program (“Quebec Experience Class”) is to facilitate the transition from temporary resident to permanent resident by issuing Québec graduates a CSQ within three weeks of graduation. 





  • Can I submit my permanent residence file at the same time as my post-graduation work permit?

Yes. These two applications are separate. To apply for a post-graduation work permit you need a valid study permit. The post-graduation work permit enables you to work full time while waiting to receive your Canadian permanent residence.


  • Does the Québec Selection Certificate(CSQ) replace the Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)?

No, students must absolutely have a valid CAQ throughout their studies. The CAQ is a document to regularize the students’ status while the CSQ is a part of the process to obtain permanent resident status.


  • Can I be exempted from differential tuition fees for international students if I present my CSQ?

No, the CSQ does not exempt international students from paying differential tuition fees. However, students who obtain their permanent residence (permanent resident visa) in the course of a term can claim the differential fees at the Registrar’s Office. 


  • I need help to apply for my permanent residence. Where can I get information? 

Please contact directly Immigration et Communautés culturelles Quebec or Citizenship and Immigration Canada for any advises. Other than during the information sessions, the ISAO won't answer the questions on this topic.


  • I have just completed my Certificate program. How do I apply for my permanent residence?

Students who have completed their Certificate program can apply for their post-graduation work permit online once they have received all their credits. However, they must apply for their permanent residence outside of Canada (read the information at the bottom of this link).


  • I have a de facto spouse. Can he/she be included on my permanent residence application? 

Absolutely. Read the criteria carefully to find out the legal definition of a de facto spouse, but nothing forbids you from including him/her in your application.

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