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Step 8. Checklist

Here's a litle checklist to help you remember everything you need to do and bring with you.

Before leaving

  • I have received my Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) (if required)
  • I have received my study permit retrieval letter (if required)
  • I have my temporary resident visa (if required) or my Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)
  • I have my proof of exemption from HEC Montréal's health insurance or I have the funds needed to pay the application premiums
  • I have registered for my courses
  • I have signed up for the HEChange orientation activities
  • I have reserved my temporary accommodation
  • I have brought some warm clothes that won't leave you shivering when the first cold days arrive. If you do not already have warm clothes, you should purchase clothing suitable for the Canadian winter once you get to Montreal.

On your way to Montreal

I keep with me at all times (not in the suitcase!):

  • My passport
  • My letter of admission from HEC Montréal
  • My Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) (if required)
  • The letter to retrieve my study permit when I arrive at Canadian immigration (if required)
  • My temporary resident visa (if required)
  • My proof of exemption from HEC Montréal's health insurance, or the funds to pay the applicable premiums
  • My means of payment (credit cards, cash, traveller's cheques, etc.)
  • My medication

Uppon arrival

  • Once you arrive in Montréal, after passing passport control, head straight to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada office so that an immigration officer can issue your study permit (if required). You must have with you:
    1. Your passport
    2. Your CAQ
    3. Your study permit retrieval letter
    4. Your HEC Montréal admission letter
  • Organize your transportation from the airport
  • Lost luggage and delays may occur, so be prepared. Consequently, you should always keep important items with you.

Remember that you will need to present all your documents to a Canadian immigration officer when you get off the plane. If you don't, you could be sent back to your home country. You will not have access to your luggage at that point, so make sure that you keep your papers on you.


If one of your pieces of luggage is delayed and you don't know what delivery address to provide because you don't have your permanent accommodation yet, you can give the address of the 'International Exchange Program' office : 

International Activities and Student Mobility

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