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Business Courses - FAQ

+  When is the course registration period ?

Fall 2024: June 5 to 17

Winter 2025: October 30 to November 11

  • You should register as soon as the system opens as it is on a first come first served basis!
  • One week before the course registration period opens, we recommend that you save your selected courses in the “shopping cart" in HEC en ligne.
  • The course schedule will be available in HEC en ligne two weeks before the registration period opens.

+  What is HEC Montréal's course workload requirements?

Each course has a weight of 3 credits (6 ECTS). Local students take 15 credits (30 ECTS) per semester; a minimum of 12 credits (24 ECTS) is required to be considered a full-time student.

A 3-credits course consists of 45 contact hours and an additional 90 hours of personal work for a total of 135 hours.

  • Minimum:  4 courses (12 credits) – may include 1 language course (3 credits)
  • Maximum: 5 business courses (15 credits) + 1 language course (3 credits)

-Only a Language course can be added as a 6th course.

+  What are the courses available for exchange students?

The official course list is available about one month prior to the registration period. Keep in mind that there will only be minor changes between the years. You can make a first course selection and validate it once the list has been updated.


Exchange students are only allowed to register for the courses listed below. 

If you register for a course not written on this list, HEC Montréal will cancel your registration.

Having a laptop is mandatory for many courses at HEC Montréal.

List of courses - FALL 2024

List of courses - WINTER 2025

Language of instructions:

    • Codes for English courses end with the letter A
    • Example: 10100A – Marketing Introduction
    • Codes for French courses don't have a letter at the end
    • Example: 10100 – Marketing)
    • Codes for Spanish courses end with the letter E
    • Example: 10100E – Introducciòn al marketing

+  How do I register for a business course?

Connect to HEC en ligne.

The shopping cart function will be available about one week prior to the course registration period.

* You must ignore the following notes: “Reserved for students who pass the 24 credits of the 1st level. - HECTOPE must have succeeded with a higher result than or equal to B.”

+  How do I add/swap/drop a course?

1. Connect to HEC en ligne

2. In the Enrollment menu on the left of your screen, select Add/Swap/Drop

3. Select the Term

You will be able to ADD/SWAP courses (upon availability) and DROP courses until January 20th.

*SWAP: this function will keep the course that you want to drop for another course until the registration to that other one is secure - Highly recommended!

  • As exchange students:
    • There are no fees for course modification
    • You must ignore the following notes: “Reserved for students who pass the 24 credits of the 1st level. - HECTOPE must have succeeded with a higher result than or equal to B.”

+  Where can I find a course outline?

Most course outlines are available on ZoneCours.

To locate a specific course outline, please navigate to the "Course Outline Archive" tab located in the left-hand side menu.

When conducting a search for a particular course outline, kindly input either the course ID or the course title into their respective designated boxes. For instance, to find the course outline for 'OPER 10500A – Operations Management', you are required to enter either the course ID "10500A" or the course title "Operations Management".

After entering the relevant information, proceed by clicking on the "Recherche" (Search) button. A list of courses matching your search criteria will be displayed, click on the course you are looking for. To access the most recent and up-to-date course outline, select the first course from the provided list.

If you wish to access all course outlines simultaneously, access the "Career" box, enter "Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)", and then click on the "Recherche" (Search) button.

It is highly recommended that you review the course outlines for the courses you intend to register for, as well as any prerequisite course outlines, if applicable.

+  Are there any prerequisites to my course?

  • Requirements (Exigences) for each course are located in ZoneCours at the top right inside of the course outline AND on the course registration system HEC en ligne

  • Make sure you meet the prerequisites (Préalable in French) prior to registering to a course.

+  Where can I find the schedule for a course?

To find the schedule for a course, go to HEC en ligne.

**The course schedule is available two (2) weeks prior the registration period.

+  What should I do if I am on the waiting list for a course?

  • You are allowed to have one course on the waiting list.
  • As registration to a course on the waiting list is not guaranteed, it is recommended to register to an alternative course.
  • You will automatically be registered to the course on the waiting list if it becomes available and the system allows it.
  • If the system does not allow it, you will receive an email notifying that you have 72 hours to correct the situation to remain in 1st position on the waiting list and to get the place next time one becomes available.

  • How to remedy the following situations:
  • Timetable clash with another registered course → Drop the course with the timetable clash
  • Already registered to 5 business courses → Drop one of the registered course
  • Registered to 4 or 5 business courses + 1 language course → Contact us

+  How do I validate my courses?

  • You can register to all courses on the list of courses available to Exchange Students
  • Refer to your institution for course approval as HEC Montréal does not validate course registration nor course prerequisites.

+  How do I register for a language course?

  • All exchange students will automatically be registered to the online placement test for language courses.
  • You must complete the test in ZoneCours only if you want to follow a language course at HEC Montreal.
  • The placement test is required for language courses only - Not needed for business courses.

  • Once the test is completed in ZoneCours, the Business Language Training Center will make the course registration to the adequate level: the title of the course will reflect the level.
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