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Our company, located outside of Canada, is interested in your management training programs. What do we do?

Contact us to specify your needs and we will send you a training proposal with technical and financial details. A service contract will then be signed between the parties.


Our firm needs to implement a training program. What would you suggest?

If you are not sure about your needs, we can start by assessing your company’s training needs and then propose a program that meets them. We may write a case study on your company that will serve as the unifying theme throughout the designed program. A timetable will be established based on your firm’s constraints and the time necessary to assimilate the training content.


I live outside of Canada and I am interested in one of your training programs. Can I register for it?

Our non-degree programs and overseas study programs are open to individuals if our institutional partners adopt an open-enrolment approach. If this is the case, we will put you in contact with the institution concerned for information on registering for these programs.


What should I do if my foreign business school wants to partner with HEC Montréal?

If your organization is interested in partnering with ours, it is important to contact us to find out, first, whether the interest is mutual, and then to discuss the scope and details of a potential collaboration.


Is there a minimum number of participants required for a training program?

For teaching purposes, groups should have a minimum of 15 participants and a maximum of 35 participants.


Where are the training programs held?

Our programs can be held abroad at your company’s premises or at a training centre, or at HEC Montréal’s campus in Canada. Regardless the location of the programs, they can be complemented in Montreal with lectures given by experts and keynote speakers and industrial/corporate site visits.


Who teaches the training programs?

Our regular faculty members teach our programs. We also call upon experts in the business community based on the themes addressed in our programs.


Are there admission requirements for your training programs?

There are no admission requirements for non-degree programs, although a certain profile may be recommended for participants (for example, number of years of experience, type of position held, etc.).
Overseas graduate study programs are subject to HEC Montréal’s regulations, and participants must meet the admission requirements specific to each program (university degree, grade point average, language requirements, professional experience, etc.).

Is the training credited?

The non-degree programs for executives are not credited. However, the overseas graduate study programs offer courses for credit.


Do the training programs lead to a degree or diploma?

Participants who take part in executive programs other than study programs receive a certificate from HEC Montréal. A graduate diploma or degree from the Université de Montréal/HEC Montréal will be granted to participants who successfully complete their program of study.


How do your training programs work?

Experienced instructors with a practical approach dispense our training programs in a cutting-edge learning environment. Each program has its own website with important information on schedules, instructors and teaching materials. At the end of seminars and courses, each participant completes a teaching, organizational and logistics survey in order to help us identify potential improvements.

Do your programs include learning assessments?

In non-degree programs, although not standard, learning evaluations (case studies, interrogation, exams, etc.) can be put in place upon request to test the learning acquired by participants.
Overseas graduate study programs require that participants take exams and other assessment methods to test their knowledge. These are stipulated in the program regulations.


We are interested, but we are still hesitating.

You can choose to take one or more pilot seminars in order to establish a partner relationship with us that will allow you to assess our approach and professionalism. After that, other seminars can be added to complement those already taken and to establish a more comprehensive program.

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