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Legacy Giving Starts at Any Age

« Maxime Normandeau, Jean-François Cloutier and Mirzet Kadric, three donors in their thirties, decided to invest in the future of HEC Montréal through a planned gift. Proof that legacy giving can start at any age…  »


Maxime Normandeau HEC 2011

"I decided to give to the School to make a difference. I worked hard to get my degree. It was a personal challenge I set for myself. And when I received an international exchange scholarship, at a time when things were particularly rough in my life, I thought, ‘Wow! Good for you! You deserve it!’ This is the kind of difference I would like to make in students’ lives. I’m not quite sure how yet, but I’m considering the options. Because I’ve opted for a planned gift, through my insurance policy, I still have time to think about the legacy I want to leave…"


HEC Montréal in three words for Maxime

"Excellence. Network. Global."


Jean-François Cloutier HEC 2008

"If I hadn’t gone to HEC Montréal, I would not be where I am today. I made friends there and created an incredible professional network. I even learned how to manage several aspects of my life. For me, planned giving is not just about giving back to the School and expressing my pride, it’s also about supporting a winning strategy over a longer period of time."


HEC Montréal in three words for Jean-François

"Work. Student life. Success."


Mirzet Kadric HEC 2008

"At HEC Montréal, I did more than get my degree: I built up my life experience. Today, I can look to the future with confidence. I see planned giving as a way to help strengthen the School’s reputation, both today and tomorrow, to attract the most influential and inspiring instructors and researchers. We have to make education a priority: it’s our springboard to the future!"


HEC Montréal in three words for Mirzet

"Innovation. Homegrown. Quality."

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