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Donor Testimonials

"To ensure students get a high-quality education." Jonathan Beauchesne HEC 2009

"Not only did I learn at HEC Montréal – I learned to love learning. This Quebec institution with a century-long tradition has always been at the avant-garde of business innovation. This has been a huge source of motivation to me to stay involved with the HEC Montréal Foundation and even serve as a lecturer."

Legacy giving starts at any age

Maxime Normandeau, Jean-François Cloutier and Mirzet Kadric, three donors in their thirties, decided to invest in the future of HEC Montréal through a planned gift. Proof that legacy giving can start at any age…

"Giving back is a way for me to say thank you for everything I’ve received." Jean-François Marcoux HEC 1995

After obtaining his degree in management and finance, Jean-François Marcoux held a series of senior management positions at several prominent firms.

"Cultivating the next generation of talent" Aimé Quintal

In 2012, Aimé Quintal, a member of the HEC Montréal council of governors and the HEC Montréal Foundation’s Club Héritage, gave a planned gift of $1 million to the School to provide additional scholarships to talented students.

"By supporting HEC Montréal, I’m doing my part to promote entrepreneurship in Quebec." Jacques Godin HEC 1974/1976

"When society has been good to you and the state has paid for a significant part of your education, it’s your responsibility to give back with your time and money.”"

"Philanthropy is a civic duty." Jacques Élie HEC 1963

"I want to give back to the institution that helped make me who I am. This is my way of saying thank you for everything I’ve received."

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