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The Power of Giving

The power to focus on the important things

“Scholarships helped me concentrate less on work and more on getting ahead in school.” Jasmyn Beauséjour HEC 2014, Associate – Boston Consulting Group

The power to provide support and guidance

A very generous donation from the National Bank of Canada in 2013 made it possible for HEC Montréal to create the Institute for entrepreneurship National Bank – HEC Montréal.

The power to help students in need

“I am sincerely grateful to you for this scholarship. Thanks to your generosity, I will be able to continue my year with fewer financial concerns, so I can focus on doing well in my courses.” Abou Salma (fifth from the left)

The power to motivate

“I would like to thank all the donors who gave scholarships today [at the awards ceremony]. We are very proud to be honoured in this fashion. It motivates us to keep forging ahead. THANK YOU very much.” Martin Lavallée HEC 2015

The power to inspire

Your gift ensures that today’s students have access to leading-edge technology.

The power to pursue excellence

“Time to invest in my studies and my sport” Alexandre Laganière

The power to look to the future

Tech3Lab, HEC Montréal’s research laboratory, is supporting La Presse+ in creating an innovative business model and renewing its user experience.

A new residence for international students

Your donations were vital in opening the HEC Montréal–Darlington residence in the fall of 2015. This 40-unit building is designed to cater to the needs of international students enrolled in their preparatory year of the BBA program.

The power to pursue one's goals

"The support and honor allowed me to propel in my studies", Deniz Eras, MBA student (2015-2016)

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