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The Art of Constructive Criticism: The Key to Healthy Communication


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Employees demonstrably appreciate and respect managers who are good communicators. A stronger sense of team spirit and increased productivity are among the most common by-products of effective top-down communication. But one of the most challenging and sensitive aspects for today’s managers is knowing how to deliver criticism without sapping your staff’s motivation.

This video draws inspiration from 25 years of academic and hands-on training experience in the public and private sector to show you how to be more constructive in your criticism. You will learn a step-by-step technique for managing the ins and outs of these kinds of conversations. We will illustrate the right and wrong way to approach criticism and explain the respective advantages and drawbacks. The dynamic format includes supporting visuals to drive home the points made.

In addition to learning how to hold a meeting where constructive criticism is called for, you will find out how to provide negative feedback to an employee in the heat of the action – when time is short but you still need to get your point across without offending the intended recipient. We’ll also have a closer look at what is entailed in criticizing your boss, as well as how to be on the receiving end of a critical comment. In both cases, participants will be given a step-by-step procedure to follow.

By the end of this video, you will be able to avoid the pitfalls of ineffective criticism and have more confidence in your ability to convey a potentially difficult message in a manner that is clear, compelling and pain-free – and ultimately get the outcomes you are looking for.

More specifically, you will learn:

  • How to prepare to deliver criticism
  • How to lead conversations of this nature
  • How to follow through and get the desired results
  • How to criticize your boss
  • How to receive criticism.

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Louise Lachapelle
Louise Lachapelle
BA (French Literature), BSp (Visual and Media Arts), MSc (Communication)

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