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Think Like A Chief AI Officer

Leading business transformation from within to unleash the potential of your data and leverage the power of artificial intelligence

According to a survey by Silicon Valley-based Venture Capital firm BootstrapLabs, the top reason why more companies are not adopting Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning into more of their core business processes is that they lack the specific AI talent and/or expertise to deploy their applications with a focus on business.

Leaders know they have to evolve towards AI They just don’t know how.

Because deploying and sustainably leveraging the power of AI in an organization encompass more than just digital transformation and the I.T. sector of any business. Fully unleashing the potential of AI requires leadership at the C-level to set the strategic course and address the cross-functional challenges of structuring to gather the necessary data, marketing its benefits, financing its deployment, and guiding employees through the massive changes that AI brings into processes and vision for the future. That is the job of the Chief AI Officer.

Becoming the Chief AI Officer is the World’s most comprehensive program that allows Entrepreneurs, CXO’s of SME’s, and Managers of Large Corporations to Explore and Understand the Potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, as well as the knowledge and expertise needed to get to work within a coherent strategic framework.

Program Benefits

  • Develop an actionable understanding of what Artificial Intelligence really is, how it works, what it can do, and what it requires to perform.
  • See into the best practices of global leaders in the field, such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google.
  • Develop a strategic vision about where will AI take your business as well as the plan to turn that vision into reality.
  • Understand the process of turning a business into a significantly AI-driven business, including change leadership, talent acquisition, innovation management, and more.

Participant Profile

  • High-Potential Managers within Large Corporations.
  • Executives in World-Class Medium-sized Enterprises.
  • Visionary Entrepreneurs.

Having a technical background (e.g., engineering, computer science, mathematics, etc.) is an asset for this program but not a prerequisite.

Academic Director

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Jean-François Ouellet, Fellow, CIRANO, PhD (marketing), Post-Doctorate Fellowship (Innovation Management), MIT
Associate Professor, Department of entrepreneurship and innovation

Make an Appointment with:

Michelle Vaillancourt
Senior Advisor

By Email (recommanded)
By Phone: 514 340-6008


$ 8,900 + taxes

Tuition, materials, as well as lunch and some dinners are included in price.


Course given in English.
Module 1, in French or English according to the professors

Dates and location

One evening and two days for each module.

  • Module 1: February 14, 15, 16, 2019
  • Module 2: March 21, 22, 23, 2019
  • Module 3: April 25, 26, 27, 2019

Delivered at HEC Montreal and on location in selected organizations in Montreal (Québec), Canada. > Executive Education > Our programs > Seminars > Think Like A Chief AI Officer

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