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Strengthen your leadership by increasing your personal energy

Discover a unique way to increase your leadership influence and take your performance to new heights.

Without sufficient energy, even the greatest business leaders could not apply their mind, time, heart or work ethic to anything properly. Human energy is the most valuable leadership resource of all—and yet no one teaches us how to manage it.

In this course you will learn methods for increasing your energy capacity and managing your personal energy for effective leadership action. Think and move strategically for sustained energy levels. Establish the healthy habits required for peak performance. Lead from an authentic and inspiring energized state.


$1,895 + taxes


Two days - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Course given in English

HEC Montréal
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  • Cope with the daily pressures of today’s productivity-focused workplace.
  • Shed energy-sucking habits that lead to frustration, burnout, disengagement and potentially serious health risks.
  • Structure your workday for optimal energy, focus and creativity.
  • Bring your best to every leadership interaction by managing your emotions.
  • Tune into the impact of your energy on others.
  • Identify your most deeply held values, and connect with what truly drives you.
  • Apply an action plan to achieve immediate energy gains.
  • Set realistic health targets to sustain your energy over the long-term.
  • Recover from stress and recharge your batteries for a fresh start.
  • More skillfully manage the energy and productivity of those you lead.
  • Centre your mind for increased self-confidence and effective leadership engagement.
  • Foster a calm, collaborative work environment.
  • Create better work/life balance, to improve personal as well as workplace relationships.

Is this for you?

Anyone who wants to deliberately manage their personal energy, in order to increase their personal power and leadership influence.

training facilitated by:

Chris Obst

President, Jump Management Coaching

« Taking the course « Strengthen your Leadership by Increasing your Personal Energy » has been instrumental. It helped me identified my most deeply held values, and connect with what truly drives me. It brought me tips and practical tactics to improve my resilience and constantly perform at my very best in every leadership interaction. On top of it, Chris delivers this class in an authentic, transparent and enjoyable manner. »

Alexandre Paquin, Senior Manager, chef principal marketing, Fido.

Training Approach

In this highly practical program, you will quickly experience how better energy management can have a powerful positive impact on your workplace engagement and results. Over two action-filled days, you will get opportunities to think, move and recover strategically in order to start better managing your energy immediately.


Participants in all of our seminars will receive a certificate of completion from Executive Education HEC Montréal.

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Rachel Pelland
Skills Development Advisor

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