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Sales Management

Managing a sales team is different than managing another group of people working at a similar level within an organization. Not only do their responsibilities differ considerably, but many of them also work semi-autonomously and/or away from the office.

The content of this course takes a closer look at the function of sales within a business framework and allows future sales managers to familiarize themselves with the characteristics and elements specific to the role.

The overall approach is built around the realities of being a sales manager and systematically examines the various aspects of supervising a sales team. Participants will be able to develop or strengthen their skills and subsequently use this knowledge to boost their team’s performance.


$2,095 + taxes


Three days – 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Course given in French

HEC Montréal
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  • Perfect skills and techniques associated with sales management.
  • Develop a general understanding of how various aspects of sales are handled and what a strategic sales plan does for an organization.
  • Learn how to use available information in an efficient, strategic way.
  • Gain insight into the nature of the strategic and operational tasks required of a sales manager.
  • Manage all of a company’s sales efforts.
  • Make strategic sales decisions.
  • Discover how to build, manage and motivate a sales team.
  • Oversee sales activities.
  • Explore how to fully assert your leadership.

Is this for you?

  • Sales and business development managers.
  • Experienced sales representatives looking to move up the corporate ladder.
  • Entrepreneurs and self-employed sales professionals.
  • Candidates for CSL certification.

Recommended prerequisite: Our Business Development course or 6+ years of experience in sales, promotion or business development.

Special features

  • Balanced mix of theory and practice to help make sales team management concepts more tangible.
  • Case studies in teams and group discussions.
  • Discussion about real-world sales management challenges encountered by participants.
  • Work tools made specifically for use by sales managers.
  • Focus on providing a clear, accurate vision of the role and responsibilities of a sales manager.


Accredited by the Canadian Professional Sales Association as part of Executive Education HEC Montréal’s Certification Programs for Sales Professionals.


"An excellent course for anyone who wants to update their skills or who is new to the job or hopes to become a sales manager one day."

Marika Synnett-Trifiro, National Director - Represented Brands, Kruger Wines and Spirits

"Excellent program. Very relevant and attuned to the industry."

Marc Michaud, Sales Director, Retail Advertising, La Presse

"I loved this course. It was extremely enlightening. The examples provided were right on point, and the instructor obviously had hands-on industry experience, which made the content even more topical and relevant. I actually thought he delivered even more than what the curriculum promised. He was generous with his insights throughout the three-day program. In light of what he taught us, I re-examined the methods and tools I have been using. I’m focusing on applying what I learned to ensure my department’s structure is as efficient as it should be and on doing everything I can to help my team get ahead."

Hugues Viau, Director, Business Development, NORREF


Giovanni Di Girolamo
Giovanni Di Girolamo
DSA, HEC Montréal, MBA, PhD (Management)
Lecturer, HEC Montréal

Day 1

  • Introduction: Role, context and issues specific to the sales department
    • Corporate mission and strategy
    • Sales and marketing characteristics
    • Duties of the sales manager and sales staff
    • Positioning of the sales department within the organization: B2B, B2C, B2I
    • Four functions of management (P-O-L-C)
    • Strategic sales management
    • Various types of sales professionals
    • Nature of the role of sales professionals and fit with corporate strategy
  • Planning
    • Sales targets
    • Strategies and tactics
    • Sales and profitability considerations
    • Overview of various projection methods
    • Determination of sales budgets and spending
  • Sales team organization
    • Choice of organizational structure (internal, external, hybrid)
    • Client tiering and major accounts
    • Sales team
    • Contract sales professionals
    • Sales territories
  • Recruiting, selection and setup of a sales team
    • Development of hiring criteria
    • Candidate search
    • Selection process
    • Evaluation of applications
    • Offer of employment
    • Onboarding of new sales team members

Day 2

  • Compensation plan
    • Motivation of members of the sales team
    • Sales team compensation
    • Base salary, commission and bonus
    • Sales contests
    • Expense accounts
    • Non-monetary compensation
  • Training
    • Myths
    • Three-step program
    • Training objectives
    • Who’s the trainer and who’s being trained?
    • When and where?
  • Sales and purchasing processes
    • Purchasing process
    • Eight steps of the consultative selling process

Day 3

  • Sales team oversight
    • Management by objectives (MBO)
    • Management by tactics (MBT)
    • Relationship between planning and evaluation
    • Performance appraisal
    • Evaluation, coaching and mentorship methods
    • Analysis of sales results
    • Information management
    • Sales call reporting
    • On-road sales support
    • Sales team leadership and supervision
    • Annual assessment and salary review
    • Probation and dismissal
  • Salesforce – Customer Success Platform
    • Leadership considerations and traits
    • Ethical and legal problems
    • Personal characteristics of a good leader
    • Tasks of a sales manager
    • Life of a sales manager
    • Sales team meetings

Participants in all of our seminars will receive a certificate of completion from Executive Education HEC Montréal.

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