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Relationship-Based Selling

This course explores the various facets of what a sales professional does, above and beyond maintaining existing accounts. Certain topics addressed in Business Development will be examined in more depth in an effort to further improve your sales techniques.

More specifically, this course will focus on the core processes of sales professionals and business development managers, from prospection to maintenance.

You will use what you have learned to build and nurture long-term relationships with your clients.


$2,095 + taxes


Three days - 8:30 a.m. to 16:30 p.m.

Course given in French

HEC Montréal
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  • Learn how to use interpersonal communication and sales techniques to influence and sway current and prospective clients and ensure their satisfaction.
  • Get a better handle on negotiating in a sales context and the importance of preparing a negotiation strategy.
  • Learn what needs to be done, and how to do it, at each stage of the sales and negotiation process to maximize the chances of success with a client, and realize how each stage interacts with the others.
  • Better understand sales and negotiation dynamics.
  • Become familiar with techniques you can use to manage your sales territory, your time and your stress.
  • Become better acquainted with LinkedIn and CRM platforms.

Is this for you?

Professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, representatives, advisors. Candidates for CSP certification.

This course is designed for professionals who wish to build or further a career in sales. Participants will learn more about specific sales and negotiation concepts; become acquainted with the basics of managing a sales territory; explore self-motivation and time/stress management; and examine the importance of LinkedIn and customer relationship management systems as sales tools.

Recommended prerequisite: Our Business Development course or 6+ years of experience in sales, promotion or business development.

Special features

Using strategic, practical, dynamic and proven approaches, this course will equip you to maximize the quality of your business relationships with your current and prospective clients, be they internal or external. The result is enhanced productivity when selling to or negotiating with clients.

This advanced sales training will give you the tools to reinforce and enhance your current sales practices, discover new methods and structure your dealings with your clients in a professional, effective way.


Accredited by the Canadian Professional Sales Association as part of Executive Education HEC Montréal’s Certification Programs for Sales Professionals.



Day 1

  • Outline of key business development concepts
  • Importance of a compelling LinkedIn profile in building a high-quality business network
  • Recap and assessment of NOVA profiles (part 1): Your sales behaviour and how to adapt more effectively to others
  • Recap and assessment of NOVA profiles (part 2): Your sales motivations and how they inform/reinforce your behaviour and provide perspective
  • Choice of words and the impact of non-verbal elements on communication and the sales process

Day 2

  • A proven approach to helping you sell better to a committee
  • Tips for boosting your negotiating power during the deal-making process
  • How to keep pace with the fourth industrial revolution (AI) while maintaining a client-centric focus
  • Importance and impact of CRM systems

Day 3

  • Critical look at ethics for sales professionals in a sales transaction
  • Proven approach for dealing with dissatisfied clients
  • Importance of sales strategy for meeting sales targets
  • Prospecting as an ongoing process for driving sales and constantly renewing your customer base
  • Overview of sales territory management and stress/time management for sales professionals
  • Presentations by the instructor and structured exercises
  • NOVA profile questionnaires (behaviour and motivation)
  • Practical assignments, role playing and individual/group simulations
  • Practice scenarios
  • Application and analysis between training sessions
  • Sharing of experience with the group and structured feedback

Participants in all of our seminars will receive a certificate of completion from Executive Education HEC Montréal.

Before taking the course, participants must:

  • Take and pass the Business Development course
  • Create their LinkedIn account
  • Complete the NOVA profile questionnaire.

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