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Management and Decision-Making for Energy-Sector Professionals

In Collaboration with Chair in Energy Sector Management


The action plan associated with the 2030 Energy Policy falls mainly under the purview of the new agency known as Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ). TEQ’s mission is to support, encourage and promote energy transition, innovation and efficiency. It is tasked with coordinating the execution of the programs and measures necessary to achieve the Quebec government’s energy targets. This sweeping program is bound to have an impact on many economic spheres and will require businesses to adjust their practices accordingly. Is your organization ready for what’s ahead?

This two-day seminar on energy sector management, organized by HEC Montréal, embraces a practical approach that takes into consideration the 2030 Energy Policy, the Act Respecting Transition énergétique Québec and the creation of the TEQ. The program affords a unique opportunity to share and broaden your understanding of the province’s energy sector, alongside fellow colleagues who possess complementary talents, in order to better leverage the opportunities available to you between now and 2030.

The 2030 Energy Policy is being implemented within a global context where there are certain political hesitations on how to approach the issue of climate change, although the existence of weather and temperature fluctuations is no longer in dispute. Regional initiatives such as the California/Quebec/Ontario carbon market have already been rolled out, and various technological innovations (batteries, renewable energy production, megadata, etc.) are making it possible to envision things differently than in the past.

This seminar will examine these worldwide trends from a local perspective, with a focus on the legislative provisions specific to Quebec.


$1,595 + taxes


Two days – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Course given in French

HEC Montréal
May 1, 2, 2019

“Implementing an energy management strategy in the business sector would lead to a boost in productivity across the Quebec economy.”

Translated excerpt from a study conducted by the HEC Montréal Chair in Energy Sector Management entitled Gestion stratégique de l’énergie en entreprise au Québec.
Read the study results (in French)

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  • Ensure you can continue your professional activities as usual, with a schedule designed specifically to accommodate working executives.
  • Introduce you to instructors, experts, guest speakers and executives from public- and private-sector organizations operating in the energy sector.
  • Allow you to carry out a hands-on project at the end of the program to apply your newly acquired knowledge and techniques. As a result, you will gain a thorough understanding of the forces at play in your market and embrace a strategic approach to management in the energy sector.
  • Expand your professional network, an essential stepping stone in your career in this critical market.

Is this for you?

You have an established career in the energy sector and you are determined to enrich your knowledge and skills through a specialized program recognized the world over for quality and innovation.

Admission Criteria

  • University degree in law, engineering, economics, finance, accounting, communication or political science.
  • Currently working in the energy sector.
  • Selection interview.

Special features

  • Input and insights from experts in the field, in conjunction with a world-renowned management school.
  • Small groups (maximum 30 participants).
  • Working groups formed in advance to capitalize fully on participants’ complementary talents. 
  • “Big picture” view of energy systems.
  • Program developed in collaboration with the Research Chair in Energy Sector Management.


Pierre-Olivier Pineau
Pierre-Olivier Pineau
MA (Philosophy), PhD (Administration), HEC Montréal
Professor, HEC Montréal
Sylvain M. Audette
Sylvain M. Audette
Guest Professor, HEC Montréal

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Energy techniques (Finance)

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Energy markets (Regulation)

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Energy management (Key Issues)

Participants in all of our seminars will receive a certificate of completion from Executive Education HEC Montréal.

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Senior Advisor


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