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Managerial Courage: Tackling Difficult Challenges Head On

This course delves into the essential trait of leadership that is managerial courage, or the ability to tackle difficult challenges head on.

Executives inevitably come up against difficulties that require them to demonstrate this brand of courage, be it a piece of bad news, a change in performance expectations or a shift in organizational priorities. Issues of this kind are arising more and more frequently in today’s business world, and at a rapid-fire pace. And the resulting decisions aren’t always greeted with enthusiasm.

Which is where managerial courage comes in. This program will give you the opportunity to reflect on various solutions for dealing effectively with these demands in order to awaken your own sense of courage and harness your leadership potential.

You will have a chance to examine your own approach to managerial courage. This will include concrete examples and best practices you can use to compare against your own to better ascertain your style and determine where improvements can be made. The end goal is to help you to act assertively, mindfully and consistently with your values.


$995 + taxes


One day - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Course given in French

HEC Montréal
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  • Be more knowledgeable about what managerial courage is and what goes into it.
  • Assess your potential for managerial courage.
  • Identify obstacles and areas of vulnerability.
  • Explore various avenues for breaking out of your comfort zone and mustering your managerial courage.
  • Be able to take action in difficult situations.

Is this for you?

This seminar is designed to help develop or strengthen the managerial courage of professionals, executives and intermediate- or senior-level managers.

Special features

A reflective, dynamic approach with up-to-the-minute content that helps identify the strengths you can leverage to cultivate your managerial courage and tackle difficult challenges head on.

An opportunity to contemplate the consequences of acting assertively and identify obstacles to moving forward.

Raymonde Lévesque
Raymonde Lévesque
B.Ps., DESS (Management), MSc (Management)
Lecturer, HEC Montréal
  • Leadership: A loaded concept
  • A managerial courage model
  • Leadership lessons from an expedition
  • Meaning of managerial courage
  • How to show courage in difficult situations: A decision-making model to help you face your fears
  • Success factors and levers for cultivating courage
  • What a courageous leader stands to gain
  • Resilience, or the art of getting back up after being knocked down
  • Reconciling organizational requirements and personal needs: A case study
  • Preparatory reading
  • Brief presentations for each theme
  • Team case studies
  • Instructional videos
  • Individual exercises

Participants in all of our seminars will receive a certificate of completion from Executive Education HEC Montréal.

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