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Silvana Nahman

Silvana Nahman

Réd. A., Rév. A., BA (Translation)

Written communication instructor and certified copywriter/editor

Silvana Nahman has been developing and delivering specialized business writing courses since 2004. She is a respected authority on language and written communication and also works as a consultant, writer and editor. She holds a bachelor’s degree in translation.

She is a certified member of the Société québécoise de la rédaction professionnelle (SQRP) and holds French-language editing certification from Editors Canada. She served for several years as vice-chair of the SQRP Board of Directors, where she coordinated training activities for certified editors in Quebec.

Prior to becoming a consultant, she worked for almost 20 years at such organizations as Alis Technologies, HEC Montréal and IBM Canada, occupying various positions in communications, sales and marketing.


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