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Ascension - Program for executive and managerial succession

Being a leader means thinking strategically, understanding the intricacies of today’s business environment and strengthening your capacity to contribute at a higher level and/or as a member of your senior management team.

In this course, your will hone your ability to create value, get everyone on the same page and change your organizational culture, all of which are incontrovertible assets in the ever-evolving corporate world. You will also acquire new approaches and analytical tools to make better, bolder strategic decisions.

Come tap into the wisdom of business veterans who have “been there” and share experiences with your fellow participants about the challenges you have had to face. Use your newfound knowledge to become the executive you want to be – someone with strategic insight, decision-making prowess and a knack for thinking outside the box in order to make better decisions at the top and within your management team.


$9,995 + taxes

Accommodations and meals for the first module (in residence) included.
A special members-only rate is available through the Chamber’s website.

One evenings and five days:
Module 1: one evening and three days in residence
Module 2: two days
There is a month between the two modules.

Course given in French

Module 1: In residence, Alt hotel, Dix-30
May 5 (evening), 6, 7, 8, 2019

Module 2: HEC Montréal
June 5, 6, 2019

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This program will help you:

  • Broaden your management skill set
  • Develop a coherent, executive-level approach to strategic issues
  • Sharpen and embolden your decision-making
  • Revitalize your analytical mindset
  • Leverage state-of-the-art tools to set yourself apart
  • Build up your network to support your initiatives.

Is this for you?

Current or aspiring leaders, senior executives or management team members within an organization, division, business unit or department. You have formal managerial training and 10+ years of management experience.

Special features

Broaden your horizons, learn from experts and experienced managers, be prepared to climb the next rung of the corporate ladder, expand your sphere of influence and reinforce your reputation as a senior executive with strategic insight, superior decision-making skills and the capacity to make a real and lasting difference.

“This program explores the essential aspects of what it is to be a business leader. It’s a compelling mix of theory, case studies and real-life experiences from top executives.”

Jacques Béland, Vice-President, Business Partnerships –, MD Physician Services

“Taking a moment out of your busy schedule to meet with inspiring, talented people from various management spheres is a true privilege. This five-day intensive program will be helpful to me at many different levels. I’d recommend the experience to anyone looking to become a value creator, a positive force for change or a leader that the rest of their organization looks up to.”

Nathalie Vallée, Director General, Collège Ahuntsic

“An excellent program that gave us a closer look at the experiences of CEOs and leaders, in order to reinforce the theoretical concepts taught and make them really come alive. Now we can take this knowledge and apply it to our own careers.”

Anick Tremblay, Senior Director – Expertise, Hydro-Québec

Faculty administrators and instructors:

Réal Jacob
Réal Jacob
MPs (Industrial Psychology), CEA (Labour Studies)
Professor, HEC Montréal
Louis Roquet
Louis Roquet

Chair of the Board of Directors, Investissement Québec


With the collaboration of:

A seasoned team of instructors and management/leadership experts.

Gilles Bourdeau
Adjunct Professor, HEC Montréal. Recently a partner at Grant Thornton.
Éric Brat
Adjunct Professor, HEC Montréal. RecentlySenior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group.
Renaud Legoux
Associate professor in the Marketing Department, HEC Montréal.
Yves Devin
Adjunct Professor, HEC Montréal. Recently director general of the Société de transport de Montréal.
Robert Dutton
Adjunct Professor, HEC Montréal.
Alain Gosselin
Professor, Department of Human Resources Management, HEC Montréal.
Charles Guay
Founder and President and CEO of CG&CO, a firm specializing in strategic consulting and corporate governance.
Roman Oryschuk
Adjunct Professor, HEC Montréal. Experience as a senior executive in the financial industry, including CEO of GE Capital Canada and GE Capital Solutions Europe.
Alexandre Taillefer
Serial entrepreneur. Best known to the public for his appearance on TV’s Dans l’oeil du dragon, he is currently the managing director of XPND Capital.
Chritiane Germain
Co-Founder and Co-President, Groupe Germain Hotels.
Claude Seguin
Special Advisor to the Founder and Executive Chairman, CGI Group Inc.
Nicolas Vincent
Associate professor of international business at HEC Montréal.


Opening evening

  • What CEOs expect of their executive committee and its members
  • Personal pointers on developing a constructive dynamic within a senior management team

Instructors: Réal Jacob, Professor, HEC Montréal; and Louis Roquet, Adjunct Professor, HEC Montréal

All participants will receive a copy of the book Paroles de PDG.

Day 1: Changing Your Perspective

  • Business environment: Understanding it today, anticipating it tomorrow
    • Broaden your analytical horizons
    • Identify trends and understand what they mean from a strategic perspective
    • Handle complexity with more assurance

Instructor: Nicolas Vincent, Associate Professor, Department of International Business, HEC Montréal

  • Transitioning to an executive position:
    • New roles and responsibilities
    • What to keep and what to leave behind
    • Risk of losing your bearings
    • T-shaped thinking

Instructor: Alain Gosselin, Professor, HEC Montréal

Guests / seasoned executives: Charles Guay, Founder and President & CEO, CG&CO; formerly Executive Vice-President and General Manager, Institutional Markets, Manulife Canada; President & CEO, Manuvie Quebec; President & CEO, Standard Life Canada and Christiane Germain, Co-Founder and Co-President of the family-run Groupe Germain Hotels and the executive in charge of operations and marketing for all of the Group's properties


Day 2: Decision-Making from the Top

  • Biases in strategic decision-making; mental mapping; limits of artificial consensus within an executive team
  • Tensions between rational decisions, risk management and decision-makers’ instincts
  • Making decisions in a complex world: Contexts and analytical grids

Instructor: Éric Brat, Adjunct Professor, HEC Montréal; formerly Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

Guest / seasoned executive: Claude Séguin, Special Advisor to the Founder and Executive Chairman, CGI Group Inc.


Day 3: Strategic Thinking For the Win!

  • Examining your company’s business model and identifying new opportunities for creating value
  • Appreciating the strategic potential of digital solutions and big data
  • Mobilizing creative thinking and new approaches to innovation (joint, collaborative, open) with a strategic analysis framework

Instructor: Renaud Legoux, Associate Professor, HEC Montréal

Guest / seasoned executive: Alexandre Taillefer, a serial entrepreneur best known for his involvement in the TV show Dans l’oeil du dragon and Managing Partner at XPND Capital



Day 4: Getting Everyone on the Same Page and Changing Your Corporate Culture

  • Aligning strategy, structure, processes and people for a more agile and productive organization
  • Transforming your corporate culture at a granular level: Understanding your company’s DNA
  • Leveraging your executive team and strategic alignment to transform your corporate culture

Instructors: Gilles Bourdeau, Adjunct Professor, HEC Montréal, formerly with RCGT Strategy and Performance Consulting Group; and Réal Jacob, Professor, HEC Montréal

Guest / seasoned executive: Yves Devin, Adjunct Professor, HEC Montréal, formerly Director General of the Société de transport de Montréal and General Manager of Casino de Montréal

Day 5: Leading Strategic Change

  • Building effective change leadership: Role of the CEO and management team, stakeholder mobilization
  • Driving strategic change: Essential steps and a five-point analysis grid
  • From change management to change leadership

Instructors: Réal Jacob, Professor, HEC Montréal; and Louis Roquet, Adjunct Professor, HEC Montréal, previously CEO of several major private and public corporations

Guest / seasoned executive: Roman Oryschuk, former CEO of GE Capital Europe, Managing Director of Global Change Leaders, Adjunct Professor, HEC Montréal

This is a dynamic, interactive and intensive program, using a wide variety of learning methods, including case studies, concrete examples of best practices in action, analysis grids, group discussions and conversations with high-level business leaders.

Part of the program will be held in residence so that participants can devote their undivided attention and energy to their training and take full advantage of the synergies resulting from the intensive format.

Participants will also receive a compendium of resources to take with them to support what they have learned during the course. 

Participants in all of our Impactful Leaders Series will receive a certificate of completion from Executive Education HEC Montréal.

Attendees will receive a copy of Paroles de PDG.

Former Course Title :

“High-Potential Executives: Revving Up Your Professional Development – Thinking, Contributing and Acting Like a Leader”

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Pascal-André Allaire
Senior Advisor


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