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Keeping Your Family Business Alive and Well
An Intensive Program for Family Business Owners

This five-day intensive program delves into the problem of continuity in family-run companies.


$2,695 + taxes


5 days - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Course given in French

HEC Montréal
February 20, March 13, 27, April 10, 24

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This five-day intensive program delves into the problem of continuity in family-run companies. The focus during the five sessions will be on providing the next generation with the tools they need to keep their family legacy intact. It is designed to cater specifically to key family members involved in the passing the leadership reins from one generation to the next.


  • Identify the challenges and understand the issues related to family business continuity and explore options for managing them.
  • Learn how to develop your skill sets and leadership capabilities to flourish within your family business.
  • Prepare the next generation for success and identify the stakes involved in “passing the torch.”

Is this for you?

You belong to the “next generation” of a family-run business involved in an ownership transfer and are (or will be) a president, co-president, shareholder or senior executive.

Special features

  • Up-to-the-minute training content, backed by practical knowledge of the realities facing family-run firms.
  • Opportunity to tap into instructors’ extensive experience in the field and acquire tools to improve your positioning in your organization.


Carol Bélanger
Carol Bélanger
Full-time Lecturer, HEC Montréal
Luis Cisneros
Luis Cisneros
Doctorat ès science (gestion)
Associate Professor, HEC Montréal
Alain Gosselin
Alain Gosselin
FCHRP, MSc (Management), PhD (Human Resources Management)
Professor, HEC Montréal, and Director, Executive Education HEC Montréal

Louis Hébert
Louis Hébert
PhD (Management)
Co-Director, McGill–HEC Montréal EMBA; Director, MBA Program, HEC Montréal; Professor, HEC Montréal
Isabelle Le Breton-Miller
Isabelle Le Breton-Miller
PhD, DIC (management)
Professor, HEC Montréal
Jacques Nantel
Jacques Nantel
MSc (Management), PhD (Marketing), HEC Montréal
Professor emeritus, HEC Montréal

Denise Paré-Julien
Denise Paré-Julien

Director of the Deschênes-Molson-Lesage Family Business Centre at HEC Montréal

Day 1 – A delicate balancing act: Business, family and legacy


  • Understand the context and issues inherent in family businesses.
  • Familiarize yourself with the tools and approaches specific to managing a family business.


  • Overall context of family (vs. non-family) businesses.
  • Three circles and three focuses: Striking a balance between business, family and legacy.
  • Genogram as a diagnostic tool.
  • Evolution of the family business.
  • Introduction to logbooks.


Day 2 – Managing talent and developing leadership


  • Build on your strengths to optimize your leadership.
  • Learn how to think, make decisions and take action like a leader in a family business context.
  • Discover the roles and responsibilities associated with leading a family-run company.


  • Leveraging your talents: Do you have what it takes to get ahead?
  • Taking on more responsibility.
  • Investing in personal development: How to plan ahead.
  • To thine own self be true: The key to successful leadership.


Day 3 – Governance and family business: Structures and decision-making processes


  • Become more familiar with various governance structures.
  • Acquire the necessary governance tools to transition your business ownership.
  • Develop inclusive decision-making processes, with an accent on fairness and accountability.


  • How to build and manage a board of directors and/or advisory board.
  • Shareholder meetings and agreements.
  • Family councils.
  • Coordination between the various structures.
  • Role of governance structures in company transfers.
  • Roles and requirements of various stakeholders in a governance framework.


Day 4 – Capitalizing on team synergy for a successful transition


  • Learn the various stages of transferring business ownership.
  • Become more aware of the realities of multigenerational management.
  • Formalize (or continue to formalize) business processes.
  • Understand the challenges facing the next-generation team.
  • Identify and analyze the role of manager vs. the role of shareholder.


  • Transition process.
  • Challenges: Drawing a distinction between new leadership and new ownership.
  • Pros and cons of various types of transition.
  • Importance of life cycles.
  • Teamwork in a family business.
  • Evolution of roles within a family business framework: Sharing power and authority.
  • Dispute management.


Day 5 – In it for the long haul: Strategies for keeping your family business going strong


  • Learn the main steps of strategic analysis and incorporate them into your management approach.
  • Acquaint yourself with various family business strategies for ensuring long-term growth.


  • Strategic guidelines and competitive environment.
  • Steering the company’s strategic initiatives.
  • Four business priorities for family-run firms: Take the lead, create a community, establish ties and ensure continuity.

Presentations, case studies, group discussions, multimedia content, first-person accounts from family business leaders. Preparation and updates of personal and family logbooks.

3.5 CEUs will be awarded upon successful completion of this seminar.

Participants in all of our seminars will receive a certificate of completion from Executive Education HEC Montréal.

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Annie Bunton
Annie Bunton
514 340-6006

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An Intensive Program for Family Business Owners

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